Harmonies of Heritage: Art Melanated’s Stevie Wonder Celebration at Thompson Atlanta

The vibrant world of “Our Celebration of Stevie Wonder” at the Thompson Atlanta — Buckhead, is a riveting art exhibition brought to life by Art Melanated. This immersive showcase pays homage to the genius behind “Songs in the Key of Life,” Stevie Wonder, through an eclectic array of works by visionary artists. Among them is Jennia Fredrique Aponte, co-founder of Art Melanated, alongside her husband Sol.

Originally unveiled at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood after General Manager, Julian Tucker, discovered the creative duo while visiting their pop-up gallery, the exhibit garnered such acclaim that the Apontes decided to take it on tour, making Atlanta its inaugural destination. Art Melanated, established in 2022, serves as a dynamic platform for artists of color, fostering a community where diverse art forms are not only created but also discussed and celebrated.

The impressive lineup of artists contributing to the Stevie Wonder tribute includes Bart Cooper, Brandon Deener, Kipkemoi, Shaina McCoy, Miles Regis, Bruce W. Talamon, Kevin A. Williams, Murjoni Merriweather, and Chukes. “Our Celebration of Stevie Wonder” graces the Thompson Atlanta — Buckhead (415 East Paces Ferry Road) for a three-month stint. To catch a glimpse of these awe-inspiring pieces and learn more about Art Melanated, explore the link provided here.

Adding a harmonious touch to the unveiling event, Atlanta deejay Salah Ananse spun Stevie Wonder’s timeless melodies on February 2nd at the Thompson Atlanta – Buckhead hotel. The lobby floor transformed into a sonic haven, resonating with iconic tunes like “Happy Birthday” and “Higher Ground,” echoing through various floors, even reaching the rooftop lounge Tesserae.

The gathering witnessed a captivating first look at “Art Melanated Presents Our Celebration of Stevie Wonder,” encapsulating Wonder’s profound influence on both music and culture. Immerse yourself in the soulful atmosphere that showcases blended art and homage, showcasing memorabilia and delivering a museum-like experience within the hotel’s confines.