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High Tech for High Touch

By Seth Donrovich, Marketing Manager for Applied Silver
28 July 2021
1 min read
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Innovative fabric care technologyApplied Silver

Facilitate a safe environment for staff and allow guests to indulge in luxury.

Infuse all your laundered fabrics with SilvaClean® natural, antimicrobial silver technology.

Put your staff and guests’ minds at ease.
SilvaClean’s fully automated breakthrough technology makes all your high-tough soft surfaces actively antimicrobial – fighting off pathogens during use, storage, and transport.

Maintain premium fabric quality.
SilvaClean reduces residual odor from spa oils and kills odor-causing and fabric-degrading microbes, reducing the frequency of fabric replacement and saving you money.

Take the next step to elevate your guest experience.
Confidently welcome back staff and guests with the safety and comfort of SilvaClean technology.

  • Extends fabric lifespan
  • Reduces residual oil smell
  • Continuous hygiene control

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how the SilvaClean technology can elevate your guest experience.