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How a simple Cup of Tea can impact the guest experience and increase revenue.

4 May 2022
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It goes without saying that the last couple of years have brought about a wave of change across the world. To meet the moment, every member of the hospitality industry has revised at least some of its practices, and over time, we’ve reached a point where we’re driven by the desire to welcome guests back after a long period away. People have missed traveling and dining out, and their level of expectation has only been enhanced by their distance from those experiences. They want to catch up and enjoy themselves, and one often-forgotten element that can help them do that is a cup of hot tea. 

Whether it’s a calming herbal tisane in the evening in the US or a strong breakfast tea in one of many countries around the globe, tea is the second-most consumed beverage in the world, even more than coffee. So, as an industry, why don’t we elevate it to a greater place of honor in our lodging and dining experiences? 

A guest can enjoy an exquisite meal, but if their last touchpoint is a subpar tea, the memory of the entire experience will be affected. As with so many sensory experiences, we’re often deeply influenced by its final impression. So, it’s also true that even after an average meal, a perfect cup of hot tea can impart an extraordinary memory. This is particularly true when an iconic Tea Forté pyramid infuser is served. We see it every day—a guest orders tea, expecting the usual bag and tag in a cup of hot water, and is blown away by the uniqueness and delight of what comes next. 

Time and again, when a guest is first exposed to Tea Forté in an On Premise setting, the first thing they do, often before even taking a sip, is take a photo. What happens next is also interesting. Most people will share that photo on their social media networks, often tagging the property as well as Tea Forté. That post is free advertising; an unsolicited ringing endorsement of the experience they’re having, with that tea, in that place. When that happens on your property, you’ve just earned a guest ambassador. 

The next level would be for the guest to post on travel review sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, OpenTable, or the property/ restaurant website itself. These posts, of course, can heavily impact a business positively or negatively. If you can help determine which kind of review you receive simply by serving a particular cup of tea, why wouldn’t you? 

So, a simple thing, often forgotten—hot tea—can actually help you earn priceless word-of-mouth marketing whenever a Tea Forté pyramid is served. Social shares and reviews are vetted recommendations reaching extremely receptive and highly influenced audiences, further enhancing the power of the message. 

With all the improvements and adjustments properties are making to enhance the guest experience in complex times, it’s crucial to remain consistent across all touchpoints. This includes the fine dining experience, the final moment of which often revolves around hot beverages. For guests who order lattes and cappuccinos at the end of a meal, foam art is now a common final flourish that elevates their experience. Tea, though, is still seen too often as a commodity item, but that doesn’t have to be the case; a simple switch to a fine tea, or ultimately, those visually arresting, social-media-shareworthy Tea Forté infusers, can have a significant impact on the guest’s perception of the property where they enjoyed it.

We often say that the first 30 seconds are the most important when making a first impression on another human being. To leave a lasting impression of a meal, however, the most important 30 seconds are those at the end.

About the author 

David Ferreira grew up and started his career in France working with several CPG companies (Neste, Unilever, Bel Cheese) in the grocery channels. Then moved to Argentina to open supermarkets with French retail giant Casino group. Since 2002 in the US working with luxury goods: (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy group, Yves Rocher, Cross accessories). Now, since 2017, in charge of all global wholesale at Tea Forté, especially luxury hospitality and retail. David speaks 4 languages fluently and holds 3 citizenships. Over the course of the last 25 years his experience encompasses different product categories: cosmetics, fragrance, skincare, fashion & accessories, jewelry, and food & beverage as well as different channels of distribution: DTC (catalog, e-commerce, company retail store) and B2B (retail stores, direct selling, grocery, mass retail, discounters, corporate gifting, hospitality, travel retail, cruises, clubs, department stores)

Contact Information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidferreira/