How Far Does Your Water Have to Travel? 

Water as a Service (WaaS): How tabl’eau Streamlined Premium Hydration for Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Luxury hotels meticulously review the guest experience to offer each guest the opportunity to indulge in the finer things in life – from exceptional service, high-quality aesthetics, and exclusive amenities to decadent dining. But when it came to premium hydration, the options were lukewarm.  

For years, luxury hotels turned to bottled, packaged and delivered water from Italy, Norway and France to quench the thirst of their guests, but this came with its own challenges…

Quality and taste profile lacked consistency. If you are a water drinker, you know that every brand of water has its own unique taste. Factors like where the water is sourced, pH level, and minerals and salinity included create different taste profiles. Also, temperature fluctuations during transportation and delivery, along with single-use-based packaging degradation, can also lead to taste variances. 

To guarantee the tabl’eau Filtered Water taste profile, we focused on setting standards that prioritized:

  • Consistent Quality: Using leading smart filtration to ensure quality was always consistent across each system regardless of geographic location
  • Chilled Temperature: Digital temperature gauges on each system that allow for direct temperature tracking, which is not guaranteed with alternative bottled waters
  • Signature Sparkling Water: The standard of cold carbonation set at tabl’eau has a gentle effervescence that creates a more enjoyable hydration experience compared to the ‘full’ feeling experienced with traditional sparkling water brands
  • Volume: The standard 16.9oz single-use bottle was not enough; we wanted our clients to have access to unlimited premium hydration

The bottled water supply chain was repetitive and vulnerable. tabl’eau focused on eliminating the uncontrollable variables related to the transportation and storage of bottled water: Eliminating the need for a supply chain altogether by installing premium filtered water equipment directly on-site. Unparalleled premium filtered water could be created directly within the luxury property without the large installation or carbon footprint. The concept of tabl’eau was simple yet unique – provide premium drinking water by filtering water from a potable source on-site and polishing it through high-grade purification, chilling, and carbonating systems to provide consistent top-quality chilled sparkling and still water on tap.

Service moved at a glacial pace. Within the food and beverage industry, there was a gap in service and maintenance of equipment with alternative brands. tabl’eau wanted to prioritize the lifecycle of our eco-forward technology and serve peace of mind for our clients. We crafted a service and maintenance schedule that supports our guarantee to deliver consistent quality across every installation. 

Single-use packaging was having a negative impact on the environment and the guest experience. From microplastics in our oceans, carbon emission levels increasing globally, and messy waste management, guest preference was to see the transition away from single-use. This included single-use in-rooms, restaurants, event spaces and luxury amenities. To decrease impact, tabl’eau uses:  

  • Energy-efficient, eco-forward cooling and carbonating equipment
  • Smart filtration capsules that have a longer lifecycle than alternatives to decrease waste
  • Reusable glassware collection handmade from glacier-blue recycled glass
  • Reusable moj’eau Bottle (built for) Water and sol’eau Tumbler

The provision of water was industrial and started (and ended) with the twist of a cap. There was no elevated service experience or attention to detail. Beyond fulfilling a fundamental human need, the universal need for water created the opportunity to curate memorable hydration experiences for everyone. 

  • We sourced durable and elegant materials along with a variety of finish options that can be customized to complement any luxury property aesthetic
  • Classic analog pull taps and Touch Free Towers (proprietary in North America to tabl’eau) to serve any setting 
  • Created support collateral that seamlessly integrated into existing channels to promote retail availability, from in-house television channels, on-screen in elevators, hotel magazine editorials, room service menus and catering packages
  • Crafted a turn-key event collection that utilizes large-scale and VIP premium water bars, water sommelier service with infused organic beverages, carafe service, and additional collateral that created a new opportunity for luxury hotels to generate additional revenue within the property. This concept has been successfully proven for weddings, corporate conferences, and charitable events in the hotel