How Kalahari Resorts & Conventions Drove Over 25K Covers Using Tock

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions used Tock to improve their guest-facing ticketing experience and internal data management, leading to record-breaking sales for the business.

With its 22-year-long tradition of hosting memorable holiday events, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions has always valued family gatherings. This vision requires a platform that offers flexibility and operational efficiency. Though they tried platforms like OpenTable in the past, they found they needed a platform that offered more integration, was cost-effective, and provided a better user experience.

Kalahari’s Challenge: Offering a seamless and trustworthy event ticketing experience.

When Kalahari Resorts & Conventions began planning an ambitious Food and Wine Festival at their Texas property, they faced many challenges. While the goal was to sell tickets for a unique experience, they also had operational needs, such as:

  • Being able to track reservations effectively.
  • Providing a seamless buying experience.
  • Assuring their guests that the sale was from a genuine Kalahari source. 

Tock’s Solution: An integrated ticketing and booking interface that allowed the resort to sell 66 holiday events across four locations simultaneously.

Tock’s virtual events storefront enabled Kalahari to offer Food and Wine Festival tickets seamlessly. The platform provided consumers with a straightforward purchase journey and dedicated event landing pages, ensuring swift conversions.

Kalahari’s Challenge: Meeting the annual demand for multiple events with custom seating plans. 

As the popularity of their holiday event offerings grew, Kalahari sought flexibility in seating arrangements for their signature grand holiday buffets. Moreover, as they explored new event ideas, they required a platform that could effortlessly support various events, from large-scale buffets to micro-events.

Tock’s Solution: Customizable table management capabilities that led to 25,926 covers booked with a 1.62% no-show rate.

Tock’s platform provided much-needed seating flexibility, especially for grand holiday buffets. Each seating accommodates as many as 200 covers and multiple seatings throughout the day. Unlike other event management platforms, Tock offers a cost-effective fee structure, an added boon for Kalahari. Additionally, Tock’s versatility enabled Kalahari to diversify its offerings, such as selling parking passes and tickets to Halloween ‘Spooktacular’ celebrations.

Kalahari’s Challenge: Effectively tracking digital marketing and promotional efforts for events.

From a digital marketing perspective, the team at Kalahari was keen on gauging the effectiveness of their campaigns and wanted a direct way to drive potential attendees to specific event pages for faster conversions.

Tock’s Solution: A comprehensive suite of analytics at no additional cost.

Tock’s advanced tracking capabilities, including UTM tracking, allowed Kalahari to optimize ad spending and refine its campaigns. Directing attendees to specific Tock landing pages also ensured a quicker conversion rate, offering invaluable insights into their campaigns’ efficacy.

With its multifaceted offerings, Tock proved to be an invaluable asset for Kalahari Resorts & Conventions. Whether selling tickets to events, offering reservations for their Grand Buffet, optimizing marketing strategies, or ensuring seamless customer experiences, Tock’s solutions paved the way for operational excellence and memorable events at Kalahari.

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