ILHA Webinar Series explores trends coming out of COVID crisis

PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 18, 2020. The International Luxury Hotel Association’s NorthEast Chapter webinar series takes a long view on how the luxury hospitality industry can rise out of the depths of the pandemic with strategies to reimagine operations, post-COVID protocols and recovery trends that offer insight into the future.

The series started with The Re-Opening and Recovery of Luxury Hotels as the industry was on pause at the beginning of the pandemic and followed with Traveler Trends and Drivers of Behavior post COVID-19, Navigating Today’s Hotel Financing & Transaction Environment, Operations and Facility Protocols following the pandemic, The Future of F&B, Design, The Synergy between Digital, Revenue Management & Sales, and Market Recovery Trends.

September 30 at 4 pm EST there will be a live webinar on Saving Money on Payment Processing hosted by Michael Dringus, Business Development Head, Merchant Advocate on how to increase profitability and save thousands of dollars by picking up on errors and inflated fees that are costing hotels and businesses more than they should.

Discussion topics include:

  • All areas of payment processing and what you need to know about the cost of collecting payments via credit cards
  • Where hidden fees are and how you can optimize your system
  • Will luxury hotel staff be reduced going forward?
  • What you need to know about using and integrated EMT, remittance from insurance companies
  • The roles of all parties in the process and the many others that “touch” your transactions
  • Uncover companies collecting thousands of dollars and their services not even being used

Register for the webinar here to learn more.

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