Networking that means business

INSPIRE provides an interactive and immersive experience, where every attendee can engage in an intimate experience from setting up one-on-one meetings using our ENCORE’s Chime Live app to collaborative round-tables  entertaining events.

We make networking easy to help you achieve all of your goals 

Why us

Schedule 1 on 1 meetings with Encore's Chime Live.

ENCORE is the ILHA’s exclusive event technology partner.  Their Chime Live Networking App will allow attendee’s to schedule 1 on 1 meetings.  Meet in our INSPIRE Networking HUB.

Why us

Connect at the INSPIRE Networking HUB.

INSPIRE NETWORKING HUB is a collaborative space in the center of our event.  

It is open through the conference and has plenty of space to meet.  It will also host our immersive round-tables which gives you the opportunity to connect with industry leaders.