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International Hotel Pool Safety Mark™

By Anna Roscoe, Founder and CEO for Embers Aquatics
24 August 2020
3 min read
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How To Run Your Pool Efficiently Whilst Attracting Customers…
The International Hotel Pool Safety Mark™ sets a global minimum standard for the hotel industry in pool operations, staff training and pool plant that should be met in order to keep guests safe when in and around the pool.

We are dealing with the worst crisis to hit the travel and tourism sector in living memory which means guests are left in doubt if it’s safe to travel and hotels are presented with new challenges reopening and maintaining facilities.

You may be well established already with sound policies and procedures. You could be starting from scratch or may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. You may want to complete a total review to ensure you are not missing anything in a new way of operating. You may have been rocked by Covid 19 and need to implement new management procedures. Wherever you are in the process don’t write off how important it is for your guests to know how seriously you take their comfort and safety around the pool.

We found a way to SHOWCASE your excellent standards to guests while giving freedom to keep your brand at the forefront and still use the good stuff you already have in place.

Guest Experience and Pool Operations are not at odds with each other. They can weave together to save time, cut costs and inspire confidence in your guests to visit your facilities.

The International Hotel Pool Safety Mark™ offers you a:

  • Pool management system to ensure you have the highest standards in place
  • Unique selling proposition that helps you stand out from the competition.
  • Management System to keep operations streamlined and you on track.
  • Plan and strategy to manage the pool post COVID -19.
  • Save time and be able to keep things unified.
  • Resources to base training and monitoring on every month.
  • Up to date information about the aquatic industry.

The Pool Safety Management System™ breaks up the pool management process into 3 easily digestible modules that take less than 30 minutes to complete each. You can have your pool operations reviewed in as little as five hours as you follow along.

If you attract just one new booking due to the Mark, it has paid for itself!

It’s time for safe & efficient pool operations whilst providing confidence to your guests, for good!

This is For Hotels Who Want To Offer The Best…

Visit www.hotelpoolsafetymark.org for free resources and notifications of upcoming webinars to support your hotel pool operations and more information about the Mark, inc how to sign up.

Hotels who sign up by 30th Sept as a founding member will be locked in at the founding member rate for life and receive the rest of 2020 free of charge. It is our commitment to support the industry to get your pool back up and running safely during these difficult and challenging times.

The International Hotel Pool Safety Mark™ was created by Embers Aquatics CIC, a social enterprise. 100% of profits are reinvested in supporting the industry and water safety initiatives.


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