Introducing Vamoos Connect: Connecting Hotels and Travel Companies

At the International Luxury Hotel Association, we know that being the best means working with the best. As a luxury hotel, you should be working with the best luxury travel companies to give your guests the best possible experience.

Vamoos have now made that possible on our app with Vamoos Connect, our new collaborative platform bringing together travel companies and hotels.

Come Together with Travel Companies
All you have to do to collaborate with hundreds of travel companies is set up your free Vamoos profile. Then you’ll be part of the Vamoos Connect network, where travel companies will be able to access your property information to add to their client itineraries.

Increase Your Bookings
This is a big opportunity to introduce yourselves to new travel companies in the best way possible with very little effort and drive your bookings with no additional costs. Because Vamoos travel companies give preference to accommodation providers also using the app.

Look Your Best to Guests and Travel Companies
Through the Vamoos network, travel companies will be able to give all of your hotel information to their clients. So make sure you’re providing the most stunning imagery, the latest information and the best local recommendations by curating your profile yourself.

See why Virgin Limited Edition Hotels joined Vamoos
Virgin Limited Edition Hotels have now joined the hundreds of other luxury properties that have recently adopted Vamoos to show their best features to travel companies.

Their best images, most up-to-date directories, and all their five-star services are now available to travel companies’ guests.

Guests Can Start Their Holiday Before Arriving
Virgin starts the holiday experience from the moment guests book. They don’t have to wait until their trip starts to get excited because Vamoos features like the countdown clock, interactive imagery and local points of interest are just a tap away.

In-App Messaging Ensures Cocktails Never Run Dry
Want to tell guests they can order a drink from anywhere without having to lift a finger? Vamoos makes it possible through our 24/7 in-app instant-messaging, which means hotel staff are always available.

Easy to Manage Ever-Changing Comms on COVID
COVID rules and protocols are changing all the time. Vamoos allows Virgin properties to keep their guests informed of the very latest guidelines at a moment’s notice, because anything in your directory can be changed in seconds with a few strokes of a keyboard.

In just a few weeks, we’ve put hundreds of luxury hotels in front of travel companies. Be among the first ones.

Vamoos will help you get started. Click here to book in a quick consultation. Or give us a call on +1 347 848 1022 or +44 203 474 0512.