JLL 2024 Global Real Estate Outlook Snapshot

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JLL’s  2024 global real estate outlook acknowledges the challenges of recent years in forecasting economic, financial, and real estate market conditions. Amid this uncertainty, their report endeavors to provide clarity, presenting key themes shaping the year ahead. The macroeconomic landscape appears mixed, with economic growth and fundamentals exhibiting market-specific variations, while risks skew towards the first half of the year before broader momentum likely returns. They anticipate a normalization phase, as the extreme highs and lows experienced post-pandemic in property sectors regress towards historical trend lines, offering more predictable outcomes. Debt will remain under scrutiny, with real estate credit strategies under the spotlight in an elevated interest rate environment. Strategic investing will demand a delicate balance between defensive and offensive maneuvers for real estate investors navigating shifting tides. Moreover, in the oversupplied office market, a flight to quality is foreseen, with occupiers contending with heightened competition for prime assets in high-demand segments. View the full JLL global real estate outlook here.