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JLL Research: The Evolution of Global Luxury Hospitality

14 June 2023
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Read JLL’s in-depth report on the evolution of global luxury hospitality, where they delve into the remarkable transformation taking place within this industry. Over the past four decades, the global luxury hospitality sector has experienced a significant expansion, propelled by the increasing wealth worldwide and a growing emphasis on immersive experiences. With the number of luxury hotel brands and available accommodations surging by over one million rooms, investors have taken notice, recognizing the potential for substantial returns as luxury hotels become an increasingly institutional investment. This shift is driven by the industry’s accelerated fundamental performance and rising yields. Moreover, changing consumer preferences have given rise to new investment opportunities, as traditional luxury hotel brands venture beyond their customary domains into non-traditional verticals like residences, yachts, and private membership clubs. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the demand for personalized experiences is expected to continue growing, further fueling the expansion of the luxury hospitality industry. Read the full report here.