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La Colombe d’Or Hotel invests in state of the art Guest Technology

12 October 2021
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The hotel invested in multiple Nonius’ solutions to improve guest communication and entertainment throughout the entire property. All solutions are fully integrated with Mews Property Management System.

One of Houston’s long-awaited openings brings many surprises for its visitors. In addition to its incredible restaurant, La Colombe d’Or Hotel has an elegant combination of modernity with references from the 1930s, which will delight guests upon arrival.

Every detail of the property has been carefully thought out to provide a warm, cozy and peaceful environment. La Colombe d’Or Hotel opted for cutting edge tech solutions to make its guests’ experience more pleasant and frictionless, inside and outside the rooms.

In-room entertainment and information
Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a welcome message on the in-room TV and are able to enjoy a range of TV channels and content and hotel information. They can also access their own streaming content directly on the in-room TV, in an easy and secure way, powered by the Cast solution.

Guest Wi-Fi connection
NoniusHotel guests have access to high speed and high quality internet connection, both in public areas and in their rooms. This secure wi-fi connection is available through a single login for the entire stay. Restaurant customers are also able to access the Wi-Fi seamlessly through the social Wi-Fi Login Portal, specially designed for La Colombe d’Or Hotel.

Telephone system throughout the hotel
The hotel chose the Nonius’ hotel phone system with an IP-PBX solution specially built for hospitality to make the operation cost-effective and efficient. It is directly integrated with Mews PMS allowing call accounting, voice mail and room status.

Integration and Services
All Nonius solutions are integrated with Mews PMS and have been implemented smoothly, allowing for an easy to use system that is easy to maintain for the hotel. All guest data analytics is provided on the Nonius Cloud Dashboard where the hotel is able to gather information about its visitor’s behaviours and trends.