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Hotel Industry 2024: Trends Reshaping Hospitality from AI to Plant-Based Menus

2024 is poised to be a year of transformative change in the luxury hotel industry, where innovation and evolving consumer preferences will shape the future of hotels. Leaders within the sector have unveiled insights to Hotel Dive, providing a comprehensive forecast that encompasses various facets of hotel development, from the culinary realm to technological advancements and workforce management. This year, profound shifts are imminent, touching every corner of the hotel experience. Culinary landscapes are adapting to the rise of plant-based dishes and more focused menus, while wellness considerations extend beyond the confines of spas to influence room design and dining offerings. The integration of AI-based hospitality technology is becoming increasingly prevalent, revolutionizing hotel operations and elevating guest experiences. Simultaneously, hotel construction is experiencing unprecedented growth, overseen by executives navigating expansive pipelines. Employee demands for higher wages are echoing across the industry, marking a pivotal moment for workforce dynamics. Amidst these changes, the expectations of hotel guests are evolving, with a growing emphasis on experiential amenities and a preference for sustainable options. This article delves into Hotel Dive’s comprehensive outlook for 2024, encapsulating the most anticipated hotel openings and the impactful trends shaping the future of the hospitality landscape.

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Condo Hotels and Residential Programs in Hotels are Complex

Loren Balsam, Chief Investment Officer of hotelAVE, shares practical insights on navigating the complexities of hotel development with a residential component. This article addresses the obstacles of traditional hotel development and the increasing preference for condo hotels.

Mastering Credit Card Best Practices for Luxury Hotels 

A lot of money is spent at luxury hotels—most of which is processed by credit cards. But credit card processing fees eat into your bottom line, often costing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, each year for a single hotel location. Following the best practices below can help you save money and keep your guests happy at the same time. 

Revolutionizing Guest Service: Unleashing the Power of modern Point of Sale in Luxury Hotels

In the fast-paced world of luxury hospitality, where excellence is not just a standard but an expectation, the role of modern point of sale (POS) systems has become increasingly vital. Among the leading contenders in this space, Lightspeed stands out as a beacon of innovation, transforming the way luxury hotels service their guests. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Lightspeed and explore how it can elevate guest experiences to new heights.

Walter Isenberg: Pioneering Luxury Hospitality’s Future

In December 2023, the International Luxury Hotel Association’s INSPIRE23 conference took center stage at Miami’s Eden Roc Beach Resort. The conference featured a captivating interview with Walter Isenberg, the CEO of Sage Hospitality, conducted by Jonathan Falik from JF Capital Advisors. From Dishwasher to CEO: Walter Isenberg’s Inspirational Story


Reinforcing its position as a leader in the purpose-driven luxury and lifestyle hotel segment, SH Hotels & Resorts—founded by hospitality visionary Barry Sternlicht—is embarking on a significant worldwide expansion of its portfolio across four continents and 13 countries and territories. With more than 30 hotels and branded residential projects open and in the pipeline, plus a number of deals in the LOI stage, SH Hotels & Resorts is shaping the future of hospitality by creating transformative spaces and experiences across some of the world’s most dynamic hotel brands