Leverage Tea To Differentiate Your Property

There are many things guests are thinking about when choosing a hotel to stay at; after all, it will be serving as their “home base” during the length of their trip. When it comes down to it, guests are looking for high quality amenities, service, and experiences. To maintain a competitive advantage, hotels must ensure that they’re prioritizing customer satisfaction and offering diverse experiences that resonate with guests and keep them coming back for years to come.

A top-notch tea program can play a role in various experiences, allowing hotels to stand out from the competition and create a distinct identity. Tea can be utilized in different ways throughout a property, from being the star of the show at an Afternoon Tea service, a complement to spa treatments, a key ingredient in cooking or mixologist classes, a component of wellness treatments, and an in-room amenity that can provide a sense of warmth and comfort to travelers during their stay. 

Brands looking to make a lasting impression with guests should create an exclusive Signature Tea Blend that is reflective of the property and served on-site. By curating unique combinations of flavors and ingredients that reflect the local culture or align with the hotel’s theme, guests can indulge in a distinct tea experience they won’t find anywhere else. Customized tea blends provide a sensory journey, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Incorporating tea ceremonies or rituals can also be a special touch that sets a hotel apart. Whether it’s a traditional tea ceremony with trained tea masters or an Afternoon Tea service, these rituals can create a sense of elegance and tranquility that guests will remember. Also, in regions with historical or cultural significance, hotels can leverage local tea traditions to help guests immerse themselves in the local culture. These experiences can be educational, interactive, and engaging, leaving guests with newfound knowledge and appreciation for tea.

Integrating tea into spa treatments can also be a creative way to differentiate a hotel’s wellness offerings. From tea-infused baths to tea-based scrubs and massages, these services can harness the tea’s potential relaxation and rejuvenation properties. Serving high-quality tea before and after a spa service also helps elevate guest satisfaction and promote a sense of tranquility. Help attract wellness-oriented travelers by leveraging tea before, after, and during spa treatments.

Ultimately, the most crucial first step is to leverage a tea partner that provides high-quality products and prioritizes ethical and sustainable sourcing. With guests increasingly conscious of environmental and social impact, knowing that the hotel they’re patronizing shares their values is vital. Seek out tea partners that are transparent about their values, sourcing practices, and ingredients, and then work together to incorporate tea into your property to create a memorable and differentiated experience that sets them apart from competitors.

If you are interested in partnering with Art of Tea, please email Katie Fletcher, Director of Business Development, at [email protected].

Katie Fletcher is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience and a diverse background in sales and go-to-market strategy. She holds a degree from Duke University, where she developed a strong business acumen and gained valuable insights to excel in her career. Currently serving as the Director of Business Development, Katie plays a pivotal role in driving growth and expanding market presence for Art of Tea.

Katie’s career began in the dynamic world of apparel retail, where she honed her skills at renowned companies such as Stitch Fix and Gap Inc. Recognizing her passion for the food and beverage industry, she made a strategic move to Art of Tea where she assumed a key leadership position, leveraging her expertise to guide the sales team in achieving new business growth.

What drew Katie to Art of Tea was not only their dedication to quality and innovation but also their mission to impact as many lives as possible through tea. With a strong belief in the transformative power of tea, she is committed to spreading its benefits far and wide. Katie is particularly enthusiastic about collaborating with hospitality partners, empowering them to provide a best-in-class tea experience for their guests, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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