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Leveraging Data to Drive Your Bottom Line in 2021

By Harman Singh Narula, Co-Founder for Canary Technologies
22 April 2021
4 min read
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Over the past decade, the power of leveraging data has been shown in industry after industry. Historically, hoteliers have struggled to leverage their data to drive insights and operational efficiencies due to the antiquated systems in place. Now, however, tools have emerged that allow hoteliers to capture structured guest data and utilize it to improve their operations, increase revenue, and enhance the guest experience. Properties around the world are implementing technology like Canary’s Contactless Check-In to gather the data they need to improve their bottom lines. Here’s how our customers are doing just that.

Driving Direct Bookings
Capturing complete guest data is invaluable to hotels who are looking to drive more direct bookings. Last year, 51% of hotel bookings were made through OTAs, which as we all know, charge hotels hefty commissions ranging from 12%-30% of each booking. When guests book through an OTA, the hotel is oftentimes not provided contact information for the guest. As such, hotels’ ability to drive direct bookings from repeat customers is hamstrung because of the lack of guest contact information.

When utilizing a self-service check-in tool like Contactless Check-In from Canary, hotels are able to capture the necessary contact information for every guest in a structured way. In fact, hotels that have implemented Contactless Check-In from Canary have been able to gather complete contact information for over 80% of guests through the Canary interface, regardless of which channel the guest books from.

Hotels are then able to use the data captured through Canary to run email marketing and retargeting campaigns, driving significant direct bookings. In fact, hotel marketing groups report that attracting new guests can be five times as expensive as driving return visitors, making gathering guest data on each guest that checks in essential for cost-effective marketing.

Leveraging data Canary Technology

Operations & Revenue Management
Collecting guests’ data before they arrive with Contactless Check-In allows hotels to improve their revenue management and drive operational efficiencies. No-shows and late cancellations make it difficult to predict what room inventory will be available for a given night, which has a direct impact on every hotel’s bottom line.

Utilizing a tool like Contactless Check-In provides hoteliers with up-to-date and accurate information on guests arrival and departure times, and also provides indications that the guest may be a no-show. This allows the property to better predict nightly demand, and adjust accordingly. With as many as 20% of bookings resulting in no-shows or cancellations, the ability to accurately forecast room availability has huge benefits to keeping occupancy as high as possible. Adding to this, hoteliers are also better able to better optimize room assignment, and manage staffing levels more accurately.

Upsells and Add-Ons
An added benefit of Contactless Check-In is the ability to offer upsells and add-ons during the check-in process. Our customers have seen more than a 25% increase in revenue from add-ons and upsells. While this increase has come from guests requesting add-ons during the Canary Contactless Check-In process, it has also proven to be a valuable source of data.

With more than 30% of guests selecting add-ons during the Canary check-in process, our customers are able to use the data they’re gathering from Canary to promote their best-selling amenities, driving further revenue. Properties that use Canary are also able to then see the elasticity of the prices they are setting for amenities and optimize pricing to maximize revenue.

How To Get Started
Hotels have been turning to technology to keep their properties safe and adjust to changing guest preferences. However, it has also become increasingly clear that the benefits of technology like Contactless Check-In allow hoteliers to significantly drive their bottom line.

To get started, visit us at canarytechnologies.com to see what we can do for your property.

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