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SPOTLIGHT ON Bruce Rohr, Vice President & Global Brand Leader, JW Marriott

In a recent conversation with the ILHA, Bruce Rohr shared his profound early experiences that ignited his passion for hospitality, his sources of inspiration drawn from extensive travel, and how these experiences have shaped his approach to creating exceptional guest experiences. This interview offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of luxury hospitality and the importance of mindfulness in delivering exceptional guest satisfaction.

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SPOTLIGHT ON Alexander Schneider, President Hotel Division, Nikki Beach Worldwide

Alexander Schneider is leading a distinctive and innovative approach to luxury hospitality, discussing the brand’s unique vision, strategies for delivering exceptional guest experiences, talent acquisition, and management practices, and the crucial role of sustainability and environmental responsibility in their operations. 

SPOTLIGHT ON Jan Shaw, Area Director of Revenue Management, Thompson and tommie Austin

With eight years of experience in the market, Jan shares her insights on setting room rates and determining pricing strategies for the Thompson Hotel. She also discusses recent changes in revenue management strategies in response to market conditions and how her team works with other departments within the hotel to align revenue management strategies with broader business goals.

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WorldVue Retrofit Property Technology Solutions for Luxury Hotels

WorldVue designs retrofit infrastructure solutions at the total lowest cost of ownership for luxury and historic hotels. Experienced in the customized design and wiring process, WorldVue reviews as-built drawings to design a custom solution to accommodate the building’s unique, pre-existing structure.  

Business Lounge Patrons, trade show exhibitors, and Employees Alike Will Love This Upgrade: Anytime Postage Self-Service Shipping Kiosk Is An Efficient Digital Solution

Visitors will no longer need to wait for regular post office hours or to find a nearby shipping location, especially for any visitor who finishes work late in the evening or early in the morning. They can simply bring their package or mail item to the Anytime Postage kiosk, quickly weigh it, and print out the label. 


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