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Desire to wear…uniforms

Desire to wear…uniforms

Global supply chain expertise combined with 50 years of customer experience. Apparel that is sustainable and responsible across the entire lifecycle.

A Fitness Experience Like No Other

A Fitness Experience Like No Other

Tap into Peloton’s 7M+ Global Members. Engage and build guest retention while curating a wellness experience that enhances the journey.


What's Next? Guest Experience

Event Planning Made Easier

Event Planning Made Easier

72% of event planners prefer a single event technology provider. Encore is an industry leading hotel partner with a diverse team of global innovators providing best-in-class creative and production expertise with cutting-edge event technologies and digital solutions.

World Cinema Retrofits Luxury Hotels

Experienced in upgrading and optimizing existing properties, World Cinema reviews the cabling specifics and electrical as-built drawings of active properties to design a custom wiring solution to accommodate the building’s unique, pre-existing infrastructure.

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Living a Luxury Lifestyle

Asia’s Best Hotel Bars With a Twist

Hotel bar design has witnessed significant evolution in recent times. Often regarded as an afterthought — a convenient meeting spot or a place to grab one last drink at the end of the night — in-house watering holes are now seen as a key drawcard for any hotel worth its salt.

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Watch sessions and webinars featuring the most influential and innovative leaders in luxury hospitality. Learn best practices that will help your organization recover faster.

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