MDO Plans Night Auditor Appreciation Day for May 18

MDO invites hoteliers to participate in #NightAuditorAppreciationDay by sharing stories, photos and messages of appreciation for night auditors.

BETHESDA, MD., May 4, 2023 – myDigitalOffice (MDO), the world’s fastest-growing hotel performance management platform, is excited to announce the creation of Night Auditor Appreciation Day, to be celebrated annually on May 18. This day is dedicated to recognizing and honoring night auditors at hotels across the country for their tireless efforts and crucial role in holding hotel operations together. As unsung heroes, night auditors work behind the scenes, ensuring a smooth experience for guests and seamless management of hotel resources.

Night Auditor Appreciation Day seeks to raise awareness about the essential work night auditors perform and provides an opportunity for hotel teams across the country to express their gratitude. As the backbone of hotel operations, night auditors manage overnight tasks such as reconciling financial transactions, preparing daily reports, and ensuring that each guest has an exceptional stay. Additionally, they are responsible for addressing any guest issues that may arise during the night, often single-handedly resolving problems and ensuring guest satisfaction.

“Night Auditor Appreciation Day is an opportunity to shine a light on the exceptional work of night auditors, who often go unrecognized for their dedication and expertise,” says Ali Moloo, founder and CEO of MDO. “These individuals work tirelessly through the night, making certain that hotels continue to operate smoothly, and ensuring that every guest has a memorable experience. Hotels couldn’t run without them.”

To celebrate Night Auditor Appreciation Day, hoteliers across the country are encouraged to participate in various activities and events designed to honor their night auditors. Suggestions for celebrations include organizing special appreciation breakfasts and presenting night auditors with awards and other tokens of appreciation.

Additionally, MDO invites hoteliers to participate in a dedicated social media campaign using the hashtag #NightAuditorAppreciationDay while sharing stories, photos and messages of appreciation for night auditors.

“As a former night auditor myself, I know firsthand the challenges and responsibilities that come with the role,” says Eduardo Burkard, Sr. Enterprise Business Development Executive, MDO. “Night Auditor Appreciation Day is a chance for us to celebrate these unsung heroes and express our gratitude for their dedication and hard work.”

This new holiday is not only an occasion to recognize the contributions of night auditors but also an opportunity to inspire future hospitality professionals. By shedding light on the importance of this role and the impact night auditors have on hotel operations and the guest experience, Night Auditor Appreciation Day aims to encourage more individuals to consider a career in hospitality and help maintain the highest levels of service in the industry.

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