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Meeting Guest Demands for Safety with Enhanced Convenience & the Ultimate in Service Personalization

By Gary Patrick, CEO for Hotel Internet Services & BeyondTV
27 April 2021
6 min read
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Virtually every aspect of running a successful hospitality business has forever changed within just a short time span. From top hotel leadership to frontline employees, the overriding priority is now to ensure a safe and germ-free environment for their guests. Yet as properties continue to introduce stricter cleanliness initiatives and social distancing rules, hotels risk losing sight of what has constantly been critical to delivering on guest expectations – a stay experience that is enjoyable, convenient, and always memorable. For luxury hotels, the stakes are even higher where guests paying for a high standard experience either demand that such needs be met or simply take their business elsewhere.

The answer lies with investing in Guestroom technology
Fortunately, hospitality’s leading technology providers have continued to innovate solutions that while providing guests with the latest in service personalization and enhanced convenience, are also ideal for enhancing cleanliness and social distancing abilities. BeyondTV by Hotel Internet Services (HIS) represents the industry’s most advanced platform capable of achieving each of these goals. Designed as the ultimate comprehensive in-room entertainment and service solution, BeyondTV offers unmatched potential in allowing guests to determine how their luxury hotel experience unfolds. At the same time, each guest can rest assured that they can stay safe from unnecessary close contact with others or with shared surfaces.

With majorities of guests now favoring access to personal content streaming subscriptions, BeyondTV first provides each guest with the instant ability to view virtually anything of preference on the guestroom television. Using their own devices, guests can directly cast content from thousands of mobile-based apps without ever having to enter sensitive login information on a TV set. From streaming Netflix and Hulu to Amazon Prime, Disney+, and ESPN, guests using BeyondTV can effortlessly control their in-room entertainment experience from the moment they first arrive. Providing such flexibility in guest entertainment is also proving crucial to hotel business revenues. In a recent guest survey by HIS, 50 percent indicated that the ability to cast their own content would influence their booking decision. For luxury hotels looking for ways to become more competitive in attracting guests, offering casting abilities is, therefore, more important than ever.

Recognizing the enormous demand for casting functionality throughout the hospitality industry, HIS also offers its BeyondTV GuestCast platform- a standalone streaming solution that like BeyondTV, is designed specifically for the content casting needs of hotels. With luxury hotel needs able to change suddenly to conform to new guest expectations, BeyondTV GuestCast is also fully scalable. Hoteliers can later upgrade to BeyondTV’s full range of features to provide today’s luxury guests with the enhanced convenience and safety that they increasingly seek.

Creating Guestroom-centric Experiences
With many guests preferring to stay in their rooms to avoid germ risks, it is now up to luxury hoteliers to tailor their offerings to be readily available without requiring guests to set foot into the guestroom hallway. With BeyondTV, hotels can instantly adapt to this new need by converting guestroom televisions into advanced guest-to-hotel communication portals. Instead of physically interacting with staff, each guest can safely search and locate details on available hotel amenities and services from the comfort of their guestroom. Guests can also submit requests for in-room dining, housekeeping, extra pillows, and much more. Guests can even review their bill and can check-out using the television to sidestep any need of visiting the front desk. As more guests expect hotels to provide transparency over what enhanced cleanliness regulations are being followed, BeyondTV can further be used to automatically play cleaning procedure videos when a guest first enters the room.

Minimize surface touchpoints
As with other areas throughout a hotel, the guestroom also plays an important role in being able to rebuild guest trust by reducing exposure to shared surfaces. With the launch of the all-new myRemote feature, BeyondTV can provide complete contactless control over its features in addition to regular television functions. Simply by scanning a QR code or by manually registering their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, guests can instantly use personal devices to turn televisions on or off, adjust volume, switch channels, access TV guides, or cast content from their favorite streaming services. They can also change television language and color background settings to suit individual preferences. Guests can even use myRemote to interact with BeyondTV features such as requesting amenities, checking out, or reviewing their bill; providing ultimate convenience from the palm of a guest’s hand while boosting confidence in a luxury hotel’s ability to offer a safe environment.

With luxury guests expecting a truly unique hotel stay experience, BeyondTV further caters to this need while again enhancing contactless abilities with its full voice-activated virtual assistant compatibility. Capable of integrating with either Amazon’s Alexa or Google Nest Hub, BeyondTV lets hotels stand out by providing guests with the ability to control their guestroom environment using simple voice commands. In addition to being able to make requests for services or to find out hotel information, guests can also gain contactless voice control over in-room amenities including thermostats, lighting, and drapes- providing a both safer and more convenient hotel stay that each guest will be sure to remember.

Safe & Satisfied Guests Require Enhanced Connectivity
However, one of the leading priorities in being able to implement such technology enhancements and in ensuring guest satisfaction rests on the presence of a high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi network. Not only do today’s guests list high-quality Wi-Fi as one of the most vital hotel amenities; virtually all IoT-based solutions require it to function as intended. With HIS serving as the industry’s leading expert and provider of advanced network technology, guests can rest assured of their ability to always receive the highest standard in online environment connectivity. Rated as one of the industry’s most cost-effective providers with promotions that include a $99 a month subscription for three months, HIS also ensures that luxury hoteliers can achieve unmatched service performance at a fraction of the cost.

About the author
Gary Patrick has served as the Chief Executive Officer for Hotel Internet Services since the company’s founding in 2003. Based in Clearwater, Florida, Gary leverages his decades of expertise in the development and marketing of advanced technology solutions to ensure that hospitality customer needs are met when it comes to wireless and wired network internet connectivity. In spearheading the development of innovations such as BeyondTV and BeyondTV GuestCast, Gary also utilizes his industry knowledge to provide hoteliers with the means to address guest demands for the latest in in-room content streaming functionality and contactless, voice-activated services. You can contact him at [email protected]

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