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Memorable Wellness Experiences

By Lynn Curry, Principal for Curry Spa Consulting Inc
11 May 2021
2 min read
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Curry Spa Consulting

What do guests seek, and what makes them talk about their experiences in the wellness environment? What do they remember, and what makes them return?

The idea of personalized services and experiences are certainly appreciated and in the luxury sector, expected. A robust spa menu with services delivered by an exceptional caring staff are certainly imperative. But guests are talking about their experiences as a whole and the environment in which they are delivered. Experiences before and after treatments, and experiences that may not be spa specific, but still wellness related.

Sometimes the trends can work against us in our industry, especially when there are so many, changing so rapidly, and are known to cause confusion to ownership, the design team and ultimately the consumers themselves. On any given day, you can find more than a dozen wellness “trends” lists created by a wide variety of “experts”. Some trends could be considered common sense, very familiar, or over-discussed (sleep benefits, fitness technologies, CBD treatments, meditation benefits and nutrition as the key to good health), while some trends and terms require research (halotropic breathing, painmoons, Lagom living) etc. It’s important to know our guests, and how much “study” they want to do to select their wellness destination.

Even without the “trends of the day”, wellbeing can be found in the natural atmosphere outside the spa walls (which is also a trend, but it is one that works!). Fitness activities, treatments, classes, activities, events, cultural education, and relaxation that feature almost anything in nature. Whether a beach, hot spring, cultural site, mountain, farms, cenote, river, surrounds the property, all can be incorporated into the wellness experience.

What feature do you have on your property that can be called a wellness experience? The opportunities are many, and often found just outside the footprint of your property!

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