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New Guest Experiences (AND REVENUE!) found at the pool edge

By Katie Rychener, Marketing Director for EdgeMate Pool Chair
14 July 2023
5 min read
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Simple often gets a bad rap. To call someone, or even something, simple is akin to the gravest of insults. Yet, ask an artist, an architect, a designer about simple and they will most-likely tell you it how challenging it is. Simple is hard. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be effective.

The EdgeMate® Pool Chair began as an idea to help people with disabilities enjoy the, yes, simple pleasure of being in a swimming pool.

As EdgeMate continues to increase its profile, it turns out that one-of-a-kind immersive, in-pool seating has widespread appeal, particularly for luxury hoteliers with guests desiring to spend their time in a more leisurely manner.


Hotel and resort guests will forever inquire about what’s new, but what they’re really longing for are not new products per se, but new experiences. EdgeMate is a unique way to reimagine—the pool—the must-see, must-have attraction at most properties; the hub where relaxing, exercising, gathering, eating, and drinking are the expected norm.

Ideal weather often means poolside seating is at a premium. Chaise lounges and deck chairs are frequently claimed during covert, predawn missions with nothing more than the toss of a towel. Overflow seating is confined to the pool steps, which delves into access and safety issues.

EdgeMate solves this seating scarcity by utilizing untapped, prime real estate: the pool edge.

As an additional seating option for those wishing to spend their time exclusively in the pool, EdgeMate has the ability to free up those in-demand lounge chairs for those who prefer their bathing to be of the sun variety.

Not wanting to place undue strain on staff, EdgeMate is ready to use right out of the box and lightweight at only 4.4 lbs. The quick implementation of the sleek and comfortable chairs allows for a property to increase seating capacity without the time, hassle, and expense of expanding its footprint. 

In order to accommodate the ebb and flow of seating demand throughout the pool day, EdgeMate has its very own 12-chair custom storage rack that keeps inventory organized and secure. With four 360° rotating casters, including two that lock, the rack’s mobility can seamlessly blend to suit the approach a property takes to allow guests access to their EdgeMate Pool Chairs.


Since EdgeMate rests on the pool’s edge, guests get to enjoy being in the water, while remaining close to all the things they enjoy out of it. With EdgeMate’s custom cup holder, those enjoyable things can include poolside F&B service, another desirable new experience.

The EdgeMate Pool Chair underwent rigorous testing in terms of both strength and durability, successfully holding 300 lbs. out of water. Based upon human buoyancy rates, 300 lbs. out of water equates to approximately 3,000 lbs. in the water, which means that literally anyone can enjoy being in an EdgeMate.

Since EdgeMate requires no changes to the pool or pool deck in order to provide a safe and stable seating experience, switching locations to suit one’s needs is hassle-free. Just pick up and go.


The EdgeMate Pool Chair is a simple product; this was not by accident. With an eye toward the hotels and resorts the world over, simple leads to new opportunities that lead to countless new experiences that benefit all those involved.

To the properties searching for a new way to wow their guests: EdgeMate is truly unique seating that reinvigorates the pool setting, thus enhancing the guest experience.

EdgeMate fits well into emerging wellness trends from both a mental and physical standpoint, each within the well-documented, beneficial realm of water therapy.

Since its inception, EdgeMate has been about inclusion. ADA standards have brought about dramatic increases in accessible travel. Poolside lifts and zero-depth entry assist those with disabilities and mobility challenges into the water; EdgeMate helps them enjoy their stay.

From a bottom-line standpoint, EdgeMate is a revenue-producing amenity. A seated guest is a happy guest and happy guests stick around to partake in all that a poolside F&B operation has to offer, particularly with the help of the custom cup holder. In the vein of cabanas and daybeds, EdgeMate can be used as another source of rental revenue.

With so many applications, the EdgeMate Pool Chair (and accessories) is a versatile product rooted in the belief that simple can be the most beneficial and effective.

Asking for it to do anything beyond that would be, well, complicated.

About the author 

Katie Rychener is the Marketing Director at EdgeMate Pool Chair. Her goal is to create relationships with luxury hotel brands that seek to maximize the guest experience around one of their most sought-after assets . . . the swimming pool. She has an extensive background in marketing and education, along with a passion for aquatics. These loves merged when she joined Team EdgeMate. 

About EdgeMate Pool Chair 

The EdgeMate Pool Chair is one-of-a-kind IN-pool seating for hotels and resorts. Guests will appreciate the exciting new dimension in pool enjoyment as properties utilize this versatile, revenue-producing amenity at their pool facilities. Accessories include a custom cup holder and 12-chair mobile storage rack, making this complete package a must-have for any venue looking to enhance the guest experience. Visit edgematepoolchair.com to learn more. 

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