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New horizons in the world of hotels and resorts. 

By Pere Maymi, Writer for SKYBUBBLES
20 April 2023
3 min read
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SkyBubbles is a new way of immersing luxury hotel rooms into nature. The brand began its journey in 2016 and today is established on 4 continents and in more than 22 countries. Spearheaded by two brothers, Quim and Xavi Rabassa, SkyBubbles was born from their passion for innovation and bringing people closer to nature. They wanted to invent groundbreaking luxurious rooms, so they asked themselves, why 4 walls? Why distance ourselves from our natural environment? This led them to merge the company’s 3 core concepts of innovation, comfort and nature into one, and create innovative and luxurious rooms that allows guests to have a 360-degree connection with the nature. The brand is inspired by the architect Hans Walter Muller, who in the 1970s opted for inflatable architecture as an alternative for new ways of understanding construction. The novelty of sleeping under the stars from the comforts of a luxurious room is a lucrative and rapidly growing trend in hospitality. 

Profitability is the backbone of the SkyBubbles proposal. Studies on the product have shown that SkyBubbles, compared to any other kind of classical construction has a much more rapid return on investment. The process of ordering, designing and having it up and running, generating revenue, only takes between 4-6 months. Therefore, our clients can start billing shortly after making their investment. Additionally, SkyBubbles has an average booking rate of more than 60% during the week and over 80% on the weekends. Furthermore, the brand has found that clients are willing to pay 25% more per night in one of their bubbles compared to a conventional 5-star hotel room. The profitability-risk binomial is balanced since the investment to be made to start up a 4-5 SkyBubbles project is reasonable.  So the risk is reduced compared to other types of construction. 

Finally, and as a key point in the decision making process, the internal rate of return calculated over 5 years for each SkyBubble is very profitable. Based on the real numbers provided by resorts and hotels with SkyBubbles up and running, the numbers show on average an occupancy rate of 80% on weekends, 60% on weekdays and a low cost for maintenance at 10% (cleaning and occasional repairs) of the total price. With the total price for purchase, installation and furnishings at approximately $55,000 and a price per night of $350 midweek and $550 on weekends, the SkyBubbles yield an IRR of 12.5%. When you add cross-selling, the profitability percentage goes up. This has been one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs and hotel owners around the globe have seen great profitability when opening bubble hotels, resorts and boutiques. 

Three key points that one must take into account when considering investing in SkyBubbles as a business include: 

  1. Location. The environment must be pleasant and beautiful so that the fusion of nature, experience and comfort go hand in hand. The layout and landscape is also key to providing privacy for each bubble. This will ensure a high occupancy rate.
  1. Permits. Obtaining permits to be able to install and market bubble domes are different in each continent, country and community, so it is important to verify this before making any decisions.   
  1. Financing. The product does not include financing, so it is important to be clear about the investment you want/can make. 

Are you ready to innovate and be profitable? If the answer is yes, do not hesitate to visit us on the company’s website: www.Sky-bubbles.com