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Offer Personalized Wellness With Biologique Recherche

13 April 2021
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While travelers are still looking for authentic and meaningful experiences regarding their skincare and wellness choices, travel in itself has changed indeed. The COVID-19 crisis has ushered in a new era resulting in new customer journeys, behaviors, and desires.

It is now essential to understand your guest’s new perspective and adapt to a reality that demands flexibility, resilience and creativity in order to provide them with the best services.

Thanks to a hyper-customized approach to skincare, permanent quest of innovation, and attention to industry trends, Biologique Recherche has been the wellness partner of choice for 200 luxury hotels and palaces worldwide; 40 of these just in the US.

While we navigate into a new normal, there is an important demand for innovative solutions to continued hygiene. Low-impact services and private experiences are emerging as a new answer to connect people back to the daily routines they once enjoyed. It is essential to elevate services with safety and privacy in mind, to alleviate fears while offering new luxury experiences to your customers.

Hyper-customization in face, body and scalp care has been at the core of Biologique Recherche’s philosophy. Since they launched over 40 years ago, their unique methodology has built a strong reputation for effectiveness. Combined with bespoke protocols and meticulous procedures which recondition the epidermis, Biologique Recherche offers an extensive range of products highly concentrated in active ingredients, that are formulated in their own laboratory in France.

With diagnostic as a pillar of their methodology, Biologique Recherche developed The Skin Instant Lab, a unique tool that identifies and prescribes the right products and treatments for your guests by measuring hydration, trans epidermal water loss, elasticity, pigmentation and sebum levels.

Taking personalization to the next level, Biologique Recherche also offers the exclusive “Haute Couture” program, a made-to measure solution featuring tailored regimen based on your client’s daily habits, lifestyle, environment, and diet. “Haute Couture” starts with an individualized measurement session that collects data to design your guest’s personal program.

As consumers become more familiar with using medical technology to analyze their health, they are looking for spas to offer services that are invasively personalized – with instant results.

With the emergence of DNA analysis and blood testing, spas are offering treatments based on personalization like never before.

With online wellness questionnaires, Zoom and FaceTime consultations, and at-home DIY health tests, many spas are getting to know their consumer before they’ve even stepped in the door. With these practices, a customer’s treatment is still truly individual and catered to your medical history and genetics.

In a permanent quest for innovation and hyper- customization, Biologique Recherche is launching “My Beauty DNA”. This new tool analyzes 600,000 genetic variations within your genome to determine your genetic skin predispositions and select the best products for your Skin Instant. A total of 14 skin characteristics are studied and grouped into 4 major categories:

  • Skin and Aging
  • Skin and Sun
  • Skin and Environment
  • Skin Profile

Understanding the genetic predisposition helps to better ascertain the skin needs and adapt the choice of products.

In term of scientific innovations, Biologique Recherche also recently launched their VisioLab© machine, the latest in digital imaging technology. In complement to the Skin Instant Lab©, the VisioLab© gives a high-resolution picture of the face and instantly analyses multiple variables:

  • Pores
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Tint uniformity
  • UV treatment

Founded over 40 years ago, Biologique Recherche offers a unique methodology and clinical approach to skincare, known for immediate and longlasting results, building a strong reputation as the Wellness Partner of Choice to the world’s most sought-after medical spas, day spas, and luxury hotel spas.

Learn more about the industry trends and how to join biologique recherche’s elite group of professionals by emailing [email protected] or visiting www.Biologique-recherche.Com