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Omnitracks bikes help you Ride. Everywhere.

4 May 2021
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Omnitracks bikes

Our mission is simple. Help the planet. Get people active.
Our 2 simple tools. Great wood bikes. Great e-bikes.

In the wake of a very difficult year, the simple joys in life have become dearer to us. We are finding new ways to connect with loved ones. Nature has been a solace for our weary minds. Omnitracks was established out of the crucible of 2020, formed by the difficulty, geared to overcome dark days by providing a hope of health. We are creating experiences for people to enjoy more deeply with a smooth ride, whether it be a jaunt to the market or a new path is to be explored.

Omnitracks is committed to quality. Manufacturing bikes with top-of-the-line parts has been our focus from day one. When getting on one of our bikes you will feel the difference. Craftsmanship is in design and execution of our products. Both our electric bike lines and our wooden bikes are crafted by people who love bikes and love to ride.

Our partnership with Materia Wooden Bikes was an instant connection. Sometimes it really is love at first sight. Materia Wooden Bikes are excellence on two wheels. Each Materia Wooden Bike is a timepiece, a highly functional piece of art. It is the smoothest bike ride you will ever experience.

Wood is not only elegant and beautiful; it absorbs four times as much vibration as carbon without gimmicks or reinforcement. The sourcing of wood is a treasure hunt with excellence in mind. Cutting the bike to fit is part of the joy. Polishing and sanding the bike is a labor of love with hand coated yacht varnish layered on to protect the bike from all the elements. Componentry is sourced from the highest quality bike parts makers matching the excellence of the frame.


Materia’s bikes are up to the task. Our Grace and Gusto designs have an urban appeal. Ride through the cobblestone streets to farmers’ markets in your local community. Take these beauties all throughout the city and across the bridges that connect us. Our Ambre and Vilebrequin® beach cruisers are made for warm sunny days, to feel the wind in your hair and to smell the salty water calling us to breath deeply. If you want to see miles of beautiful landscape, put our Tempo to the test. This road bike will take you everywhere you want to go, smoothly and efficiently. It has an option for wireless gearing to add to the sleek ride.

Omnitracks electric bikes are the great equalizer. They can make you feel like the six-million-dollar man and the bionic woman’s love child. We have designed our electric bike lines to give power and grace to each rider. It’s amazing how a little pedal assist can take the edge off each hill. You will want to ride all day. Go farther on the trails without the fear of your return journey. Or keep up with the faster members of your crew.

Our electric bikes are for riders of all types. The Oppidan, our city bike, is made for cruising urban streets or quaint village markets. The Overlander is a fat tire dream bike, made for the beaches or trails looking for some extra adventure. Our Waylander is made for the hills or mountains, ride hard and high, this bike will support you with suspension and power.

Omnitracks also has been focused on sustainability from day one. We believe companies need heart and soul too. Omnitracks is a carbon-neutral company and members of 1% for the planet. 1% for the planet is an organization that provides companies the opportunity to give back, by connecting makers and doers with conservation efforts globally.


Not only are we proud of our products but we are also proud of what we can provide by offering them. Through our conservation alliances and the products we offer it is clear that health is our priority. Health for our planet and health for our bodies. Our bikes help people move, even if you haven’t moved your body like this in a while. Pedaling is easier on our bikes, making healthy living a little more attainable. When it’s fun it’s easy – we would be honored to be your bike of choice.

“Band of Bikes” is our offering for resorts or hoteliers looking to offer a biking experience to their customer. We give resorts the opportunity to partner with Omnitracks and purchase our bikes at a discount. Perfect for an additional resort amenity or as a way to generate additional revenue through bike rentals. Check out our “Band of Bikes”.

Ride. Everywhere.

About the owner
OmnitracksThe joy of riding beautifully engineered bikes had to be shared. We at Omnitracks believe that biking has a way of making us feel strong and connected. It’s faster than our feet, less impact on our environment, and good for our bodies. Whether as part of a group or on a solo adventure, whenever possible we encourage it. Ride. Everywhere.

With over 20 years of leadership experience across multiple industries, Kristen brings her passion for play to Omnitracks Unlimited. It’s important that what we do connects us and brings us joy. This mentality has driven her leadership and entrepreneurial ventures in the food and beverage industry. She has owned and operated a restaurant, bar and pop-up dining company. Service, at its core, has best been said by Maya Angelou ‘At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.’

The companies she works with have an emphasis on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) metrics. Her work in the financial industry led her to discover this way of doing business where People, Planet and Profit are intertwined in importance. Where she has an impact, she’s dedicated to making it positive and sustainable.

Kristen Gullickson, CEO
877-518-OMNI (6664) Ext. 1

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