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The average independent hotel relies on tour operators and OTA’s for 72% of their bookings, which costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, while not being able to engage with the visitor before their arrival.

Booking Success is a hotel marketing manager’s best friend, personal strategic coach and single point of contact for the hotel’s complete digital strategy, which results in higher net revenue (read: lower commissions), taking back control of their bookings and achieving high occupancy rates year-round.

Starting with our unique 10 Pillars Hotel Marketing Audit, we identify key issues that are limiting your hotel’s marketing results and help you create and execute an action plan to dramatically increase occupancy and net revenue.

With a single point of contact you have access to our entire team of designers, ad specialists, copywriters, strategists and everything you need to achieve success, at a fraction of a cost of hiring all these team members in house.

We manage your digital campaigns (Search, Metasearch, Social, Display and much more!), monitor your online presence (reputation, rates, competition and much more!) and make it easy for you to decide what to do next.

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