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Dorchester Group Limited

We are specialists in the intersection of the fields of valuation and economics. We have provided decision-making guidance involving valuation economics issues in all states and numerous foreign countries involving trillions of dollars worth of real estate and other assets. In that process we have established ourselves as recognized leaders within the valuation economics profession. We are think tanks, innovators, educators, authors, advisors, expert witnesses, mediators and arbitrators. We are consistently at the cutting edge of valuation economics theory, knowledge and applications, and are regularly involved in some of its most complex matters, providing meaningful and understandable clarity to others.

In a world where conventional thinking yields only conventional results, we think differently, but root our thinking in well established valuation economic principles. Principles trump practices and must be the basis to evaluate practices. One need look no further than the routine analytical practices employed until 2007 that replaced principles in the banking and valuation industries and led to the Great Recession. Unlike many others, we have chosen since 1968 to stand on the side of recognized principles as a guide to question what many dangerously assume to be correct. Principles work.

Valuation economics is the intersection of multiple fields of knowledge: economics, valuation, appraising, statistics, econometrics, survey research, behavioral economics, law, real estate fundamentals, design, construction, management, and public/private decision making to name a few. Marrying of the bodies of knowledge of these fields is the fabric of valuation economics and the basis for its science. The art of valuation economics lies in translating that science in a meaningful and relevant manner to allow others to grasp the implications of its scientific solutions and to act successfully.

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