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Global Asset Solutions

We are one of the major independent companies in the world that specialises in hotel asset management. We would like to be your key partner and help you maximise the value of your hotel assets for a better return on investment, creating optimum output to meet the goals of your business plans as quickly as possible.

We offer a fully exclusive, bespoke service, providing the necessary knowledge to increase the value of your assets thanks to our experience and overall knowledge of the international tourist sector, hotel asset management and the investment sector.

To ensure this is the case, we have a highly qualified team with over 100 years of combined experience in hotel financial management. We are well-informed of the trends of the world tourism sector, and in permanent contact with all types of professionals and associations around the globe.

We analyse your needs, design the necessary action plan, and advise the operating executive team on how to implement it successfully. Our unique, innovative methodology fully ensures the results you propose are achieved. Every hospitality asset also needs the best financing structure, and our expert team in Investment Banking will source the appropriate deals available for your property.

Through our advice and management of your assets, we ensure investors will obtain a much higher return, above-average revenues and greater flow-through, either by managing your hotels, repositioning your hotels as independent brands, or incorporating it under the umbrella of a leading brand-appropriate to your hotel.

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