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Health Tourism Worldwide recognizes that travelling for health is not a new or novel phenomenon. People have been seeking solutions, services or destinations that can provide services and benefits helping certain illnesses or preventing others for centuries. At the same time we are quite aware that health or more holistically wellbeing has become a very important topic as well as a goal to more and more people. Consumers look for healthy or healthier alternatives during their leisure activities and so they do during their travels.

We believe that every destination and project can have its very own identity as well as a unique experience and benefit proposition. With our comprehensive HTWW Tools we are able to monitor, define and implement competitive experience and value propositions.

We are convinced that health tourism resources, services and brands will gain even stronger importance than ever before. We understand that both destinations and service providers can take part in health tourism in many ways and at various levels. As the pioneering report by UNWTO & ETC (2018) with vital contribution from HTWW experts established:

“Travel (and consequently tourism) is an activity that can contribute to the creation or the improvement of wellbeing such as feelings of contentment, satisfaction and happiness by supporting, facilitating and initiating the improvement of mental and emotional health, work-life balance, self-realization, and the ability to connect with oneself and others.”

We recognize that for a project to be sustainable as well as successful, it has to take both global trends and local characteristics seriously. We always look at how local resources, assets or traditions can be included in the healthy services spectrum.

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