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Hospitality Renu

Bringing world class guest experience, culture, and authentic service excellence to independent luxury hotels and individual lodging owners for short and long term rental properties. Offering advisory and consulting services that focus on elevating the guest experience, evolving the employee experience and optimizing business operations.

Owned and operated by Robert Reitknecht, an award-winning hotel executive with 20+ years of operational, technical, and customer service experience, HospitalityRenu provides an intimate knowledge of the industry and a solution-based approach that is proven to deliver results.

HospitalityRenu helps luxury hotel leaders and long/short term rental property owners to improve customer retention, brand affinity, profits, and cost savings by evolving and optimizing the experiences they provide. This is done through a focus on both cultural aspects as well as the specific operational flows that impact the guest and employee experience.

Hospitality Renu also offers Hotel Task Force Support. As a highly experienced Task Force consultant, Robert provides motivational and meaningful management, training and day-to-day support to increase and enhance brand standards, profitability, morale, unity and leadership. Available with nominal notice and flexible timelines depending on the needs and scope of the project.

Robert is also an award-winning keynote speaker and workshop facilitator available for live events and training, both in person and online. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, motivation or enhanced team building and leadership, Robert combines his unrivaled knowledge with practical tools and a passion to perform