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iOPEN Innovations

Real-time room awareness for hotels and their guests.

iOpen Innovations is an IoT startup that provides a new level of awareness at the hotel with SafeStay365. This combines sensors with a cloud-based platform to detect in-room presence. The system notifies the guest (as well as hotel staff) when someone enters your room. This easy, drop-in system installs in minutes per room and serves as a double-check to make sure only the right people ever have access. Add to that a 24/hour battery backup and it’s own network; so it never burdens the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

SafeStay365 will offer the first truly ‘personalized awareness’ to the guest, which reinforces the hotel’s brand. We believe as this catches hold in the market, it will scale in the same way free Wi-Fi did; just a little more than a decade ago. Now, real-time room security is available to the guest, upon check-in, on their phone, and with no download required.

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