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Plant Wall Design

Our Patented System and Expert Team Set Us Apart

Founded over a decade ago with collaboration from Patrick Blanc, “the father of vertical gardens”. Our system and processes are a patented variation of hydroponic technique.  We do not use pots or trays so plants can grow without restriction.  The plant wall construction has a narrow profile; preferred by architects and designers.  We use a minimal amount of soil and low water irrigation. The plantwalldesign® system is able to use over 40 varieties of tropical plants because it reproduces their natural growing environment.

Experienced, talented specialists design, install and maintain vertical gardens. Areas of expertise in vertical gardens include:  – vertical garden horticulture  – creative design and adaptive application  – irrigation  -construction  – maintenance and customer service.

Our designers create beautiful “moss-scapes” for entire walls or framed pieces. Our moss work can be exotic or graphically modern in addition to serving as a backdrop for corporate messaging.


Stacy Coleman
President, Chief Executive Officer

Thaís Stumpf
Director of Business Services and Project Management

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