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The Music Trust

Founded by a collective of artists, entrepreneurs, and tastemakers, The Music Trust is a premier source for all things sound, from DJs, bands, live music entertainment, and other musical talent to sonic branding, lifestyle marketing, music events, music curation, playlisting, sound equipment, and so much more. Since 2010, we have been behind some of the most successful music events, DJ residencies, audio branding, and sonic experiences around.

Who We Are
The Music Trust is home to exceptionally talented sound aficionados and passionate audiophiles, including music programmers, music curators, talent bookers, music event producers, marketing and branding pros, music consultants, audio-visual experts, and others. One label cannot cover it. We do it all.
With an ear for impeccable beats and a focus on creating incredible sonic experiences, we are the team businesses, brands, and venues trust with their sound and music needs across the board.

What We Do
Our services and specialties include talent & DJ booking, sonic branding, tastemaker & lifestyle marketing, playlist services, music programming, music curation, music licensing, event production, AV installation, music consulting, and so much more.
From small, exclusive private parties to large-scale, nationally acclaimed events, The Music Trust handles the full spectrum of audio, sound, and music needs for brand launches, grand openings, commercial playlists, corporate events, client appreciation events, holiday parties, music festivals, parades, and beyond.
If a venue, event, or business needs the perfect soundtrack or live music, The Music Trust has it covered.

Who We Serve/Who We Work With
Our diverse portfolio of clients come from several industries, including the hospitality industry. Some of our clients are hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, lounges, event venues, retailers, casinos, gyms, private businesses, and startups.
We routinely partner with key decision-makers, like GMs, venue owners, entrepreneurs, and company leaders, to identify their unique circumstances and objectives, so we can deftly address their sound needs while exceeding their expectations and striving to maximize ROIs.

Where You’ll Find Us/Where We Are
The Music Trust offers services nationwide, delivering custom sonic experiences and one-of-a-kind music solutions in Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Milwaukee, San Diego, Phoenix, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and beyond.

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