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We are an international team of history buffs, travel junkies and tech geeks who believe in a better way to travel.

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Travel Curious has been built for the discerning traveler by a bunch of travel enthusiasts. We believe that the most important part of the trip is actually what takes place when you get there. We want to take away the hassle of finding the perfect activity and tour that suits your needs. So, make a request, sit back and enjoy the ride.
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Founded in 2012 and with offices in the heart the City of London and in beautiful Rome, Travel Curious is a trusted online marketplace which brings the best local tour providers together and connects them with anyone who wants a bespoke travel experience. Tour providers respond to requests for tours at a range of prices: whether the traveller wants a week-long luxury trip or a 3-hour walking tour, Travel Curious is the easiest way to find your ideal tour.

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