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Own the Water Occasion

By Deb Belinsky, Founder | Owner for tabl’eau Filtered Water
6 January 2023
4 min read
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With elegant design and eco-forward functionality, tabl’eau collateral has been intentionally built to create revenue generation opportunities for our clients. 

How We Measure Success

The business of tabl’eau goes beyond the transactional business of leasing tabl’eau Filtered Water systems. 

tabl’eau brand collateral has been intentionally designed to create revenue generation opportunities for our clients. From our signature hand-made carafe and one-of-a-kind moj’eau Bottle for Water, to our premium tabl’eau Event Water Bars, every turnkey solution opens the door for customization and revenue generation for your conferences, corporate meetings, weddings, charitable galas, and special events.

Our support collateral integrates seamlessly into existing channels to promote retail availability. Whether displayed on in-house television channels, on-screen in elevators, editorial in your magazine, room service menus and catering packages, tabl’eau will support your narrative in offering our solutions. 

Retail Opportunities | Event Sales and Brand Retail 

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tabl’eau Carafe

The tabl’eau Carafe is our signature and starts the shared core value story with our clients. Handmade in Mexico of recycled glass, each is uniquely one-of-a-kind. With the addition of custom etching the carafe, this feature offers an elegant cobrand position that does not interfere with its craftsmanship.

  • Banquet table placement
  • Grand openings and special events
  • Conference & Summits
  • Charity Gala’s
  • Wedding personalization
  • VIP guests
  • AGM’s and Corporate gifting

moj’eau Bottle for Water

tabl’eau introduces moj’eau by tabl’eau, a patented, one-of-a-kind refillable purpose built, bottle-for-water. Strength in materials while adhering to our premise – functional design, beautiful aesthetics, and zero plastic. With a lifetime warranty, moj’eau is ‘One for Life.’ moj’eau has positioning available for laser cobranding on the top lid, as well, its carry bag and packaging also offer the opportunity for cobrand mark integration. The moj’eau is exclusively offered to tabl’eau Clients.

sol’eau Tumbler

The sol’eau Tumbler is an easy-to-use tumbler that is flexible, shatterproof, and can be sterilized for safe reuse. sol’eau is the go-to solution for outdoor pool / patio areas where glassware should not be used. With custom branded sol’eau Tumbler carry bags available, sol’eau Tumblers are the perfect addition to Event packages, kid’s programs, and gift shop offerings.  The sol’eau is exclusively offered to tabl’eau Clients.

Event Collection

Extend tabl’eau Filtered Water services at any on-site Event. Our small and large-scale Event Water Bars are approachable, easy to use, and customizable to fit your event aesthetics. Whether Water Sommelier Service or self-service, custom branded interstitials promoting hydration for virtual conference broadcasts or support graphics that support client ESG narratives. Elevate any event experience with premium hydration. Our event collection paves the way for customization and sponsorship revenue generation opportunities. 

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Restaurant & Lounge Revenue | Carafe Service 

Seamlessly offer premium chilled sparkling and still filtered water service within existing menu design. Carafe service can be priced carafe/per guest, or flat-rate pricing for bottomless carafe/table offering.

About tabl’eau

The concept is simple yet unique – to provide premium drinking water by filtering water from a potable source on-site and polishing it through high-grade purification, chilling, and carbonating systems to provide consistent top-quality chilled sparkling and still water on tap. 

Eliminating the need for storage, transport, and recycling of traditional bottled, packaged, and delivered water on site, when our carafe arrives at any table, your guests know this carafe did not arrive on a pallet. There is no mistaking it for single use bottled water. The tabl’eau carafe starts the story. 

The business of leaving a great impression

Exceeding expectations makes great marketing sense. Cost efficiencies from eliminating transport, storage and recycling of traditional bottled, packaged and delivered water makes great business and environmental sense. 

Environmental sustainability is a guiding principle at tabl’eau. As part of our commitment to, each tabl’eau system is equipped to capture the total volume of water dispensed. Data supports client Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting and communication.

Together We Are

water. evolved.

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About the Author

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As Founder and Partner of tabl’eau Filtered Water, Deb believes drinking water should not have to travel farther than the nearest tap to get to your table. In 2011, she founded and created the brand tabl’eau Filtered Water. The leading on-premises water solution eliminates the added transport, storage and recycling of traditional bottled, packaged and delivered waters. Elegant aesthetics, eco-forward functionality and superior taste position tabl’eau as an enviable hydration experience serving premium chilled sparkling and still filtered water.

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