OwnOutdoors Digital & Virtual Concierge Delivers Next-Gen Experiences for the Hospitality Industry

OwnOutdoors Digital & Virtual Concierge platform is helping the hospitality industry exceed guest expectations, increase revenue and reduce costs with a new way to deliver local experiences to guests. Our solution is perfect for hotels, hospitality and property management companies, concierges, property management systems, and more. Simply put, think of us as Airbnb Experiences for the lodging industry where guests instantly book top-rated experiences and attractions in the area at special prices. We also revenue share 10% of all bookings!

Our solution and added amenity to your Lodging establishment helps address the following pain points :

  • Customer attrition, reduce stays for not meeting or exceeding expectations – losing new and existing customers to other brands, short term vacation rentals and Airbnb/VRBO.
  • Limited resources – with limited staff, employees are overallocated and not able to dedicate time to working with vendors, managing the relationships, contracts, vouchers, and ensuring quality service.
  • Budget constraints – no budget or space for a Concierge or the Concierge is away or resigns.
  • Poor service – guest gets upset because the “line is too long”, concierge may provide biased recommendations.
  • Lack of digital amenities – Studies by Deloitte and Oracle reveals that guests want to be “surprised and delighted with technology” by moments that exceed expectations, with Millennials wanting this 71% more than other generations. This amenity is becoming a Must-Have feature.
  • Incentivizing employees – motivating and retaining front-office staff is difficult.

With minimal to no effort required from your team to implement, let us help realize the following benefits for Free:

  • Enhance the Guest’s Experience 
  • Improve Customer Loyalty & Stays 
  • Increase Revenue & Upsell (10% Revenue Share) 
  • Amenities for Destination / Resort Fees      
  • Reduce Time Spent with Vendors (OwnOutdoors screens and curates)
  • Add to the Brochure Rack (Go Touchless) 
  • Reduce Concierge Wait Times (Works 24/7, Guests browse at leisure) 
  • Incentivize Employees 
  • Super Simple Implementation & Process 
  • Amazing Return on Investment (ROI) 

For more information or a demo please see the contact information below. You can also sign up here – https://ownoutdoors.com/people/signup_groups/2