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Plant Walls by Design

25 August 2020
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In a return to what is truly important, the sustainability and wellness trends of the last few years are gaining even more traction as health and communing with nature are becoming more desirable. Design forward property owners realize that bringing life indoors as a feature through large-scale plant installations and living plant walls is an innovative way to create a relaxing environment where people want to spend their time. These biophilic inspired living interiors offer a space with a story to tell; where environmentally conscious design takes them to a place where they can benefit from the positive effects of nature.

Plantwalldesign® has signature vertical garden installations at Lincoln Center in New York City and Harvard University in Cambridge and uses innovative concepts to include the great outdoors into a constructed world.

“We have a patented system with a narrow profile that requires very little water and almost no soil; a huge advantage from a design perspective” said Stacy Coleman, CEO of plantwalldesign®, a company based in New York that specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of living landscape murals or plant walls. “We don’t use pots or trays like other systems so the plant’s roots can grow extensively within the living wall and won’t become rootbound.”

“The way we operate is customized from concept to installation including the maintenance of your vertical garden,” added Stacy. We work across the entire process with architects, designers, general contractors and homeowners to solve their design problems and see the client’s vision realized. We have solved challenges with curves, zig zags, double stories, roofs and ceiling installations. We are often called upon to revive others’ failing systems.”

Low maintenance
The plant walls do require light and water to thrive. New builds can incorporate a fully automatic vertical garden system that includes a water source and drainage system, while renovators can consider a semi-automatic system with a water reservoir at the base. The plantwalldesign® team will project manage and design the right system for each unique space so that the living wall is regularly irrigated and fertilized on an automatic, customized schedule maintained by the plantwalldesign® team.

“Our verdant moss wall art and framed works are a prevalent option for clients looking for something that requires no maintenance,” said Stacy. “The moss is imported from Norway and France and is permanently preserved through a stabilizing process using glycerin. The wall art is handcrafted in your chosen design scheme and will last many years, never requiring light, trimming, or water. You can be quite creative with this medium and have some fun or use it as a backdrop for corporate messaging.”

Living plant wall benefits

  • There are seven plants per square foot in the plantwalldesign® system so a living wall is almost as dense as the canopy of a tree and produces the maximum amount of oxygen for the square footage
  • It absorbs sound and improves energy efficiency by lowering the temperature changes at the wall’s surface through evapotranspiration, so less energy is needed to heat and cool the space
  • It will remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen through the leaves, eradicating airborne pollutants through their roots
  • There have been numerous studies about the healing qualities of nature, from shorter hospitalizations to less anxiety, pain, and fatigue.
  • Workers who can connect with nature are shown to have more job satisfaction and fulfilling, productive lives

Connect with Stacy and the plantwalldesign® team to learn more about their custom commercial-grade live plant walls and indoor vertical gardens


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