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Providing Luxury in a Glass with LeVecke’s Premium Spirits Portfolio

12 July 2020
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Not long after World War II, father-and-sons William and Reed LeVecke sought to enter the beer business by bringing a railroad car of product to Terminal Annex in Los Angeles. As the story goes, it took them 6 months to sell their very first case of beer, a steep learning curve many entrepreneurs can relate to. Soon after, William’s other son, Neil, joined the business. As the business continued to grow and family joined, the decades ahead would prove to be worth the journey. LeVecke today is operated by its third and fourth generations of family leadership and is among the largest spirit producers in the country.

Now over 70 years later, LeVecke Wine, Beer & Spirits provides consumers and the luxury hospitality industry with a vast range of premium and storied products. With offerings from France and Italy, to spirits distilled on the volcanic slopes of Maui or a family-owned and operated mezcal palenque out of Oaxaca, Mexico, LeVecke’s portfolio is designed with the luxury sector in mind, providing the exceptional quality and distinction required to elevate the guest experience. Their broader portfolio includes brands such as Conciere, Beagans 1806, Hardy Cognac, PAU Maui Vodka, Devant Champagne, and Tempus Fugit Spirits to name a few. Brands, with deep roots in the beverage industry and rich in their heritage.

Conciere is a portfolio of premium spirits designed to “raise the bar,” by redefining the well in the top hotels and restaurants throughout the world. To enhance customer service and establish consistency across multiple properties, a line of premium brandy, gin, rums, scotch, tequilas, vodka, and whiskeys were developed, along with lavish liqueurs of amaretto, coffee, and triple sec. To deliver a product bartender and wait staff could confidently serve their guests, LeVecke sourced from trusted distillers and designed the packaging with guest service and speed in mind. The elegant label speaks to patrons, while color-coded necks help with quick spirit identification for the mixologist.

Beagans 1806 ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails embrace the trend of travelers wanting the option to imbibe on the go. Their desire to access craft-spirited cocktails that don’t sacrifice strength and flavor makes Beagans the perfect choice for consumers to indulge in. The extensive offerings of classic cocktails are perfectly portioned and packed in ready-to-drink cans. The product line includes the Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic, Margarita, Bloody Mary, Manhattan, and Mojito (among others) with ingredients and an alcoholic proof that deliver on quality and strength. Developed by LeVecke’s renowned mixologist, Michael West; he formulated these RTD cocktails to satisfy thirsty guests whether they are stored at the concierge desk, in guest accommodations, on excursions or just poolside.

Affectionately described as the “Haute Couture of Cognac,” Hardy Cognac remains as fashionable today as its first release more than 155 years ago. The brand was founded in 1863 by a British gentleman named Anthony Hardy who fell in love with the spirit and region of Cognac, France. Today the house of Hardy is recognized for Cognacs of the utmost quality with a smooth, lightly oaked taste. There are eight exquisite versions of varying ages to indulge in—several of which are housed by Lalique Crystal. These bottles are as opulent on the shelf as they taste on the palate. Like rare works of art, the prestige of these Cognacs is undeniable. Some blends are small batches produced from Grande Champagne—carefully set aside by Armand Hardy (a descendant of Anthony) at the end of the Second World War—showcasing their singular combination of aromatics, flavors, and complexity.

The pineapple is celebrated as an international symbol for hospitality, and Hawaii, a symbol for luxurious paradise. The two symbols together make up PAU Maui Vodka. Produced in Maui at Hali’imaile Distilling Company, a craft distillery located on the slopes of Haleakala surrounded by pineapple fields, PAU Maui Vodka is handcrafted using unique glass stills, Hawaiian spring water, and the world-famous Maui Gold® Pineapple. As the perfect libation to extend a warm welcome to guests, PAU Maui Vodka is an authentic seed-to-bottle product that features a clean, well-balanced flavor profile mirroring the pure Hawaiian ingredients it is created from. This transparency makes it a preferred choice for highly discerning consumers who are more conscious than ever of the process and ingredients of their food and beverage choices.

Dedicated to the glory of the well-made cocktail, Tempus Fugit Spirits are made the way cordials, aperitifs and digestifs were originally made in the 19th century. The brand’s goal was to source and recreate rare spirits and liqueurs from the past to satisfy the demands of current discriminating connoisseurs. Cocktail “modifiers” are spirit-based ingredients used to transform whiskey, gin, rum, and more into a cocktail. When they were originally produced, these liqueurs were developed with great pride and care by the finest distilleries and liquorists. Consumers would imbibe them neat as aperitifs or digestifs. Tempus Fugit Spirits have followed these noble footsteps to remake historic and award-winning brands. These include a range of Absinthes, the Gran Classico Bitter, Liqueurs and Crèmes, Aperitifs, Alessio Vermouths, Fernet Del Frate, Abbott’s Aromatic Bitters and more.

From revolutionizing the world of well products and ready-to-drink cocktails to crafting exceptional spirits and cocktail modifiers, LeVecke continues to provide luxury in a glass for your most discerning guests.

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