Reeco AI Inventory Management  | A Must-Have in 2024 for Every Hotel

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, efficiency and accuracy in inventory management are not just goals—they are necessities. Whether you are a chef, housekeeping manager, general manager, or even a hotel owner, you know how hard and tedious it is to do inventory counts every month. You end up printing Excel sheets, going over them with pen and paper, spending hours inputting the results into the computer, and getting an inaccurate food cost value since none of the products you counted really has a real-time price tag on them.

In 2024, hoteliers have just had enough, looking for ways to optimize resources and increase profitability. Luckily, with Reeco’s new AI inventory module, those days belong to the past.

Why Reeco Stands Apart

Real time price updates

Unlike traditional inventory management solutions, Reeco brings its one-stop shop procurement capabilities directly into your inventory process. This means that you’re not just tracking quantities—you’re tracking real costs. In today’s volatile market, where prices fluctuate dramatically, having access to the actual price paid for each item ensures your inventory count is not just an estimate but an accurate reflection of your expenses. This level of precision is unparalleled and a game-changer for calculating your food cost with confidence.

Product Listing and Audit Creation

Forget the tedious task of maintaining endless Excel sheets or outdated product lists. Reeco simplifies the audit process by leveraging your purchase history, order guides, and previous audits to create a tailored product list for each count. This automated approach ensures your audits are always relevant and up to date, saving you time and eliminating the hassle of manual list management.

Count Anywhere, Anytime

Imagine walking through your storeroom, counting inventory directly from your mobile device—even without an internet connection. Reeco’s mobile app empowers you to do just that. This feature eliminates the need for pen and paper, streamlining the counting process and allowing for real-time updates to your inventory records. It’s convenient and efficient at your fingertips.

Precision at the Core

With Reeco, you are getting real-time prices and updates all the time, but you are also getting the ability to count exactly what you see in front of you. With our Sheet to Shelf abilities and different product counting types (Case, Each, Unit, and Points for liquor), you get an accurate product value right at the end of the count.

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