Report Indicates Lodging Customer Satisfaction Returns to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Interior of a hotel room

The latest findings from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) herald a promising resurgence in the travel industry. Revealed in the Travel Study 2023-2024, customer satisfaction levels across lodging, online travel agencies, car rentals, and airlines have rebounded to pre-pandemic heights. Particularly notable is the lodging sector’s remarkable recovery, overcoming staffing challenges to outshine other travel industries in customer satisfaction. According to Forrest Morgeson, associate professor of marketing at Michigan State University and director of research emeritus at the ACSI, the lodging industry’s revival reflects concerted efforts to enhance guest experiences amidst post-pandemic normalization. With Hilton leading the pack in guest satisfaction, closely followed by other renowned brands like Marriott and Airbnb, the study underscores the sector’s adaptability and resilience. Factors such as improved staffing levels, the integration of contactless technologies, and a renewed focus on employee satisfaction have all contributed to this positive trend. As businesses prioritize employee well-being, the ripple effects on customer satisfaction are palpable, setting a promising trajectory for the industry’s continued recovery. Read the full article on HOTELDIVE here