Revolutionizing Guest Experience, Duve Introduces AI into Hospitality with ‘DuveAI’

Duve announces closed Beta for ‘DuveAI’ and invites hoteliers and hosts to be among the first to experience the future of hospitality.

March 27, 2023, Tel Aviv, Israel – Duve, recently recognized as the best guest experience platform of 2023, announces that it is planning to release its latest innovation for guest experience management, DuveAI. By leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 capabilities, DuveAI will be the first to revolutionize guest communication and significantly improve guest experience in a personalized and automated way within the hospitality industry.

Scheduled for release in Q2 of 2023, DuveAI is an AI-powered solution that enables hoteliers and hosts to interact with their guests like never before. By combining the power of AI with context from guest profiles built within Duve, hoteliers will be able to deliver a completely new level of personalization and automation that will transform the industry.

For the initial launch, DuveAI is designed to provide five main components to users:

  1. Sentiment Analysis & Prioritization

DuveAI will offer a significant improvement to the way tasks are managed today by hoteliers. By prioritizing guest inquiries based on urgency, hoteliers can get a clearer picture of what’s happening at any given time. Sentiment analysis will essentially help hoteliers get a clear understanding of guest needs based on automated tone of voice analysis and combining that with enriched information about the guest that’s already collected by Duve.

  1. Auto-Generated Guest Content

DuveAI will generate custom content for hosts and hoteliers to include either as part of their Guest App or for their upselling platform. With DuveAI, hoteliers and hosts can generate content that is personalized to their specific guest personas and brand tone, and can be generated for anything from in-house recommendations or add-on services to local tips and travel itineraries. DuveAI will allow hoteliers and hosts to streamline the content creation process while delivering personalized, high-quality content to their guests.

  1. Smart Auto-Replies

DuveAI will allow hoteliers and hosts to rely solely on AI to respond to guest inquiries. The solution will be able to understand each guest query based on information already existing within Duve, and respond to them automatically, as needed. By forming and sending automated responses tailored to each guest profile, DuveAI will take guest communication to a new level and drastically reduce response time for guests.

  1. Suggested Tailored Responses

For those who are not yet ready to rely solely on AI, DuveAI will also provide the option for staff to easily use or edit suggested replies to incoming messages. These suggestions will significantly reduce response times for hotel staff as well as take a significant load off of their efforts in phrasing and manually writing out responses to each guest message. Again, suggested replies will be tailored to each guest according to context and guest data existing in Duve.

  1. Message Summarization

DuveAI can help alleviate the overwhelming influx of messages from guests by automatically analyzing and providing a summary of the full message. This allows the host to gain a clear understanding of the issue without having to read through the entire message, enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently.

David Mezuman, Chief Executive Office at Duve shares his thoughts on the development of DuveAI, “Duve’s platform is shifting towards a new era in guest experience with DuveAI. While some may be concerned about the interference of AI in hospitality, we firmly believe that it is the perfect tool to transform the way hotel staff operate and ultimately engage more and improve guest experience. With DuveAI, we can go beyond traditional guest communication methods and truly understand the needs and preferences of each guest, delivering personalized and efficient services that exceed guest expectations. DuveAI is the future of guest experience, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution.”

Duve invites hoteliers and hosts to join the waitlist for the beta of DuveAI to experience the future of guest experience solutions. Registration for the beta can be done here.

About Duve

Duve, an award-winning guest experience platform, is revolutionizing the hospitality industry by offering a truly personalized guest experience suite. Duve helps hoteliers create a tailored and digital journey for each and every guest – from online check-in flows that meet the exact needs of each guest, to a web-based guest app with relevant content in the guests’ native language, to personalized upsells that increase revenue potential and satisfaction of each guest. By partnering with more than 150 integration partners, across all major PMS’s, OTA’s, PSP’s, Digital Key providers and 3rd-party vendors, Duve helps transform the way guest experience is provided at thousands of hotels and vacation rentals around the world.