RLA Global 2023 Mid-Year Report: Significant Growth and Emerging Opportunities in Wellness Real Estate

RLA Global’s freshly minted industry report – the 2023 Wellness Real Estate Mid-Year Report is a comprehensive analysis, packed with property-level data analyzed from January to June 2023 and compared with the corresponding period last year is a must-have for real estate investors and developers. The report’s pivotal revelation is the phenomenal growth of hotels that have integrated minor wellness offerings into their services. These establishments have seen a staggering 37% increase in revenue and a 61% surge in operational profit in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period last year, surpassing even pre-pandemic levels. This growth is a testament to the burgeoning opportunities in the wellness real estate sector. To delve deeper into the performance data of hotels, we invite you to download the full report here