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Send guests home with hotel gift shop items that make a lasting impression.

25 May 2023
4 min read
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Project portfolio: Auberge Mauna Lani – Signature Coaster Sets

Auberge Mauna Lani is one of the finest luxury resorts in the world, known for immersing their guests in local flavor, local culture, and the history of their magnificent property. Guests leave truly wowed by their experience, and always want some sort of gorgeous memento they can take home to remember and relive their trip.

But most souvenirs and mementos are cheap and low-quality, and simply do not evoke or translate the luxury and beauty of the properties they represent. This presented a problem for the resort, and they reached out to us to solve the problem.

My Mosaic specializes in high-quality, luxury resort gifts and souvenirs that represent the very best your property has to offer. Wrapped in luxury, function and beauty, our aim is to keep your brand on the mind of your guests long after they leave your property.

Hotel gift shops can do more than sell pretty things.

When considering items to stock your gift shop, look beyond the shiny glittery objects and dive into the beautiful, functional, long-lasting items that will truly be appreciated and used, rather than tossed in a drawer or box and forgotten about.

Increase your ROI effortlessly.

When you provide beautiful, high-quality, functional mementos, you enter into the Holy Grail of corporate gift-giving – the long-tail marketing and extension beyond the initial target, which can give you an excellent ROI, with multiple bookings from those friends and family, as well as return visits from the initial guests. 

Signature Coaster Sets can feature the best parts of your property.

When the Mauna Lani reached out to us, they were looking for a high-end product for their gift shop that evoked the true luxury of their property and served as a reminder of their guests’ stay at the resort. 

They required the product to be high-quality, long-lasting and functional so that the items would be used, enjoyed, talked about and serve as a daily reminder to revisit the resort. These gifts would also serve as talking points with friends and family, extending the brand reach beyond the initial guests. 

We presented our Signature Coaster Set, a beautifully boxed set featuring four beveled glass coasters, each one featuring an image from the hotel. The set of four coasters comes wrapped with a white satin ribbon, and safely nestled in a small white clamshell box with magnetic closure. 

Each coaster in this set measures 4 x 4 inches, and are laser-cut from 5mm thick glass, fitted with rubber feet. All the edges both top and bottom, are chamfered polished, where the edges are shaved off at a 45-degree angle, offering a unique, elegant, beveled touch. 

Small and mighty with a long-term punch.

This boxed set is made for suitcases. Safely tucked in a sturdy box, the coasters can safely travel home unscathed to be displayed, used, loved, and shared for years to come. The perfect retail item for the hotel gift shop: elegant, high-end, luxurious, beautiful, functional, and long-lasting.

Images can feature your property’s best assets.

Mauna Lani chose four beautiful photos to showcase the scenic beauty, historic significance, and majesty of the Mauna Lani.

  • Their famous outrigger canoe, celebrated as a traditional boat in Hawaii, can be seen on permanent display in their grand lobby.
  • Whimsical figures of children running free around the Great lawn.
  • Mauna Lani’s pool, with palm trees in the background, offer an oceanfront view of the sparkling Pacific Ocean.
  • At night, their Canoe House is magically lit, offering a subtle romantic ambience to the entire property.

The backside is perfect for logos.

Don’t want to distract from the beautiful photos on the front? Add your logo to the back, add hotel details and any other message you want to keep on your guests’ minds. 

Let your guests bring home the very best.

It’s a critical decision. Your resort’s gift shop items can reflect the typical, or they can deliver the extraordinary. When your property is one of the best in the world, make sure your gift shop items reflect that hard-won status. My Mosaic can help you woo more guests and secure more repeat visits with our exceptional gifting items. Contact us today to get started.