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Singita Announces Conservation and Community Experiences for 2022

27 July 2022
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In 2022, Singita will launch a new roster of Conservation and Community Experiences across all lodges. These experiences provide guests with an opportunity to engage and interact more deeply with the nuance, natural landscape, community, and wildlife of the specific regions they visit; they range from free to donation-based, with proceeds supporting conservation efforts, community projects, and sustainability initiatives.

Community/ Cultural Experience – Donation of $75 per person

  • Guests can visit the new RISE Center with a mission to create innovative tools and solutions to combat the most pressing conservation issues and challenges of our time. RISE aims to develop and support research initiatives that provide tangible and resilient solutions to benefit the people and wildlife of the Serengeti ecosystem and beyond.
  • Guests can visit the Grumeti Fund Environmental Education Center, where local secondary school students and their teachers learn about the critical role each individual plays in minimizing his or her impact on the earth’s limited resources. If it is during term time and a class is in session, there may be an opportunity to engage with students, too.
  • Guests will visit various projects pioneered by the Grumeti Fund in the surrounding community, such as Ghomacos. Ghomacos is the agricultural co-operative which the Grumeti Fund helped local farmers to establish; it supplies the Singita lodge kitchens and staff canteens with a constant flow of high-quality, locally grown organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Canine Unit – Donation of $500 per person

  • Visit the Canine Unit to interact with the handlers and learn more about anti-poaching and how the Grumeti Fund is committed to preventing it.  A tailored experience can be arranged for guests to join a scouting patrol looking for and removing snares (subject to operational availability).

Guided Hikes to OP7 – no charge

  • Guests can experience guided hikes to one of Singita Grumeti’s Observation Points (OPs), where the Grumeti Fund’s Anti-Poaching Scouts are based. Each Observation Post features spectacular views of the sweeping Serengeti Plains and makes for a perfect setting to enjoy a picnic.

Kambako — Donation of $30 per person

  •  Kambako is an inter-active, traditional Shangaan village situated one hour’s game drive away from Pamushana. The experience is an education of the traditional way of life – learn how to make fire using sticks, participate in shooting traditional bow and arrows, cracking whips, watch basket weaving, taste porridge which you have helped grind; it is an invitation for engaging all your senses.

Conservation — no charge

  •   Guests can learn about the of-the-moment and long-term conservation projects—from biodiversity projects, rhino conservation, and anti-poaching initiatives—that the Malilangwe Trust are involved in; in some cases, guests will have the opportunity to meet up with a member of their team.

Community — no charge

  • Guests can visit nearby villages and markets with their Driver Guide, allowing a more intimate engagement with the region and landscape.

Nature Walk, Akarabo Nursery Visit, onsite Rewilding and Reforestation, Guest Tree Planting – no charge

  • Guests are encouraged to join our resident conservation officers on a guided nature walk of the Kwitonda property, visiting the buffalo wall at the perimeter boundary adjoining the Volcanoes National Park, explore the onsite Akarabo nursery, farm to fork fresh produce, herb, and vegetable garden, the onsite endemic orchids of Rwanda collection and displays, as well as the opportunity to meet some of the local artisans from the community cooperatives showcasing their local arts and crafts at the nursery.
  • Guests are encouraged to plant an indigenous tree as part of the ongoing rewilding and reforestation of the property as part of the formal buffer zone expansion of the formal Volcanoes National Park expansion, offering additional buffer zone territory for the gorillas and many other wildlife.

South Africa
Singita Community Culinary School, Singita Kruger National Park – $95 donation per guest per class

  •  The Singita Community Culinary School (SCCS) is available to guests staying at Singita Kruger National Park; it is a community partnership program that produces 6 – 10 internationally qualified chefs every year. A professional, qualified chef leads the cooking class, and guests may choose to cook a popular, traditional South African dish on offer or a dish that they have tried while dining at Singita.

Canine Unit, Singita Sabi Sand – $95 donation per guest

  •  Guests have the opportunity to visit the canine unit base in the Sabi Sand and meet with one of the senior dog handlers. The dogs are highly trained and able to perform multiple functions, from pursuing intruders to sniffing out rhino horn and ammunition from vehicles and bags; guests will also get to watch as the dogs use their skills to track through the bush as part of routine exercises in the Sabi Sand.

Canine Ambassador Dog “Meet and Greet”, Singita Kruger National Park — no charge

  • Singita Kruger National Park guests have the opportunity to meet our retired K9 Ambassador Dog every afternoon at tea prior to game drives. Special ballistic scenting activity can be arranged with Head Guide or Singita Conservation Concession Manager.

Singita images are available here.

Singita is a conservation and ecotourism brand that has been helping to preserve Africa’s wildlife and wilderness for the past 27 years, offering guests exceptional safari experiences at 15 luxury, award-winning lodges and camps across four countries. In partnership with non-profit Funds & Trusts who implement strategic conservation projects in each region, Singita’s 100-year purpose is to preserve and protect large parts of African wilderness for future generations.