Skybubbles, a new way of perceiving space immersed in nature

Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, new ways of how people would like to spend their leisure time or vacation with family and friends are opening up. Guests are seeking innovative, sustainable experiences that bring them closer to nature and prioritizes well-being.  SkyBubbles is a new way of conceptualizing space in tune with the environment. Over the past 7 years the brand has become recognized as one of the market’s most innovative, full-service Bubble Room manufacturer. Headquartered in Spain Skybubbles has built over 300 bubbles from Europe to Asia to America. Some of their most prestigious hotel projects include: Finnlough (Ireland), Anantara (Thailand), Finolhu (Maldives), Satori (Costa Rica), Zielo (Spain).

Spearheaded by two brothers, Quim and Xavi Rabassa, SkyBubbles was born from their passion for innovation and bringing people closer to nature. They wanted to invent groundbreaking luxurious rooms, so they asked themselves, why 4 walls? Why distance ourselves from our natural environment? This led them to merge the company’s 3 core concepts of innovation, comfort and nature in one, and create an innovative and luxurious room that allows the guest to have a 360-degree connection with the surrounding nature. The brand is inspired by the architect Hans Walter Muller, who in the 1970s opted for inflatable architecture as an alternative for new ways of understanding construction. Today, the bubble hotel business is bursting. The novelty of sleeping under the stars from the comforts of a luxurious room is spreading all over the globe. 

Break the rules of luxury while being profitable 

Studies on our product have shown that: first, Skybubbles, compared to any other kind of classical construction has a much more rapid return on investment. The process of ordering, designing and having it up and running, generating revenue, only takes between 4-6 months. Secondly, Skybubbles has an average booking rate of more than 85% during the week and over 95% on the weekends. And furthermore, we have found that clients are willing to pay 25% more per night in one of our bubbles compared to a conventional 5-star hotel room.

Customized Bubbles

We offer 4 different models to choose from. Our most popular bubble is the Suite, which is a room with an entrance hall, luxury bedroom and private bathroom. Ideal for couples. Our Premium Suite is more spacious and includes a living room, luxury bedroom and private bathroom. The Family and Friends Suite has been designed to live an adventure in a special way with family or friends. It includes two bedrooms, a living room and two separate private bathrooms. And unlike the suites above, our fourth option, the Basic Suite, is a bubble that can suit a variety of entertainment needs for your guests, from celebrating a special dinner, to having a drink or to lounging in the hotel or resort. 

Our Bubble Rooms can also be customized. There are a variety of wood floors to choose from, six different types of luxury bathrooms, different kinds of beds, and a variety of fabric colors. Our product can be customized to fit the design and style needs of our client. These domed retreats can also include all kinds of amenities such as (but not limited to) minibars, choice of pillows and floating breakfast served bubble side in a private plunge pool, soaking tubs and telescopes for stargazing.

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