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Spa Integrations. Who needs them?

By Ali Mroueh, Director of Partnerships for Book4Time
4 June 2021
5 min read
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Book4Time’s real-life examples and use-cases for its 50+ spa & hotel integrations

As technology continues to innovate the industry, it’s more important than ever to keep your hotel & spa business up to date with the modern world. To do so requires multiple systems and software that flow seamlessly together to ensure your data and communication is optimized, accurate and efficient.

Ali MrouehIf you’ve worked in software or the tech sector, you’ve heard of integrations before. But, depending on your role, you may have little idea as to what it actually means. The purpose of this article is to introduce the concept of integration and why it’s not only a nice to have for your wellness business but a necessity for success.

What is an integration?
Generally speaking, and within the context of software, an integration is where two solutions exchange data.

Why are integrations important?
We see many examples of integrations today that save users significant amounts of time and effort by eliminating the need to conduct manual tasks that could otherwise be automated.

There are many possible benefits of an integration:

  • Saving time – by automating a manual task, or expediting a process
  • Centralized data – multiple solutions feeding data into a central system (ERP, PMS, EMR, etc.) allows for a user to access what would normally be ‘siloed’ data, in one, central place
  • Seamless customer experiences – maintain customer records, transactions, and interactions across all systems.
  • Greater accuracy in numbers – integrated systems reduce the risk for error in numbers that may have been originally captured manually (ie. Human error)

Book4time integrations
Let’s take a look at real life examples of integrations and use-cases with those we have at Book4Time today.

Book4Time predominantly serves hotels and resorts spas. These properties use a variety of technologies that require integration to operate successfully. Below are a few common technologies used within a hotel and/or resort that require integration with Book4Time.

1. PMS
The Property Management System (PMS) is the core system used by hotels and resorts. This is the system that manages the room bookings and guest profiles amongst other things. If a Hotel guest books a spa treatment during his or her stay, the spa needs to have the ability to look up the guest’s profile for the reservation and charge the guest’s spa treatment to his or her room. Simple right? Well to accomplish these tasks, the spa system needs to be integrated to the PMS system.

Today, Book4Time integrates with many PMS systems including Opera (Oracle Hospitality), Infor, Guestline, Galaxy, Agilysys and many more, to ensure that hoteliers can centrally manage their guest accounts, and to provide an excellent customer experience.

2. Guest experience 
Wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to check-in to your hotel room, order room service, make a dinner reservation, and book a massage, all from a single mobile app? Enter guest experience applications. These apps are designed to improve — you guessed it — the guest experience. But how exactly are they able to manage your dinner reservation or spa booking? One word: integration.

Today, Book4Time partners with guest experience applications including Intelity, Hudini, and DigiValet to allow guests to make a spa or activity booking right on the hotel’s mobile app.


3. Marketing & CRM
A large part of managing a hotel and spa is the capacity to which you understand your guests and how you interact with them before and after a stay or treatment. How many times have they stayed at your hotel? What time of the year did they stay? What did they purchase when they stayed? What spa treatments did they book in the past? Are they a local guest? How do we answer these questions? You’ve probably guessed it by now; integration.

Today, Book4Time integrates with systems like Demandforce and Revinate, who generate customer insights by capturing guest data. With these insights, the spa can answer the questions posed above. This information allows the spa to segment their guests and offer personalized experiences and/or promotions for more effective, meaningful engagement.

4. Access control
You’re checking in at the spa for your massage appointment. The concierge makes a few clicks on the system and hands you an access card. This card grants you access to the change room, your assigned locker, the lounge, and all amenities. Assigning your access card or wristband may seem like a straightforward process, which it is – with the help of an integration.


Book4Time partners with Access Control systems like Gantner to allow spas to easily manage and assign access to amenities, lockers, lounges, and different member areas from one system.

Book4Time is a global leader in spa, wellness and leisure activity management solutions for the hospitality market. As the only enterprise SaaS technology in the hospitality wellness industry, Book4Time manages the end-to-end guest experience for international hotels, resorts, casinos, golf and private member clubs located in over 85 countries worldwide.

Integrations allow businesses to save time, improve customer experience, run smoothly and do things they would never be able to do otherwise.

Interested in learning more about integrations? Talk to us. Visit Book4Time.com