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Spice Up Your Tea Menu with Seasonal Flavors

10 October 2023
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Photo Credit: Audrey Ma / Art of Tea Loose Leaf Tea in Glass Kinto Teapot 

Tea is a global favorite, with its rich history spanning centuries and cultures. While classic teas like Earl Grey Crème, Sencha Tea, and Egyptian Chamomile are timeless staples, there’s a growing trend in hospitality – seasonal teas. Learn more about why updating your tea menus with the changing seasons can positively impact your business.

Surprise and Delight Your Customers

One of the most compelling reasons to incorporate seasonal teas is how they will enhance the customer experience, bringing new flavors and aromas perfectly suited to the time of year. Spring might call for a burst of bright, floral freshness with teas like Rose Black Tea, while colder weather cravings typically include spiced, warming brews like Ginger Spice Chai and Pumpkin Pie Tea. Show your customers you’re thinking about them with specially curated seasonal menus.

Photo Credit: Audrey Ma / Art of Tea Ginger Spice Chai

Tailored to Customer Needs

Each season comes with unique cravings and needs. When it’s cold outside, customers may look for teas with potential immune-boosting benefits, while in the summer, they might seek the cool refreshment of iced tea. Adjusting your tea menu to the weather allows you to cater to these evolving preferences.

New Marketing Opportunities

Seasonal menus provide excellent opportunities for marketing and promotions. You can create themed events, special tastings, and social media campaigns around the launch of your seasonal teas. Seasonal selections can also help boost tea sales, as people are often drawn to limited-time offerings.

Photo Credit: Audrey Ma / Art of Tea Seasonal Retail Loose Leaf Tins

So, why not enhance your tea menu with this season’s flavors? It’s a delightful way to keep your customers happy and differentiate your property. Explore the Fall & Holiday Collection today and get ready to celebrate the changing seasons at your property!

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