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Splendour Revisited in Legendary Wangzilou: Kempinski Hotel Nanjing Unveils Gourmet Landmarks Jin Kai Lou Chinese Restaurant and Frieda Restaurant

30 July 2021
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Kempinski Hotel Nanjing

Kempinski Hotel Nanjing recently announced the opening of its newest addition to the hotel’s current inventive dining options: Chinese restaurant Jin Kai Lou and the second Frieda Restaurant in China. Located in the time-honoured Wangzilou building, the two restaurants offer diverse gastronomic experiences, bringing a fascinating combination of Chinese and Western cuisines that transcend time and space.

“Since its opening in 2019, Kempinski Hotel Nanjing has been dedicated to crafting bespoke experiences to satisfy the expectations of stylish and discerning travellers. The two new restaurants will infuse new life into the hotel through the integration of Chinese and Western styles,” said Ferry Warnke, General Manager of Kempinski Hotel Nanjing.

Jin Kai Lou, the Unrivalled Combination of European Gentility and Cantonese Cuisine
This outstanding new Chinese restaurant successfully brings together the elegance of pre-1949 China with an exquisite modern twist. Offering an amalgamation of North and South Chinese ingredients, based on Cantonese cuisine, Jin Kai Lou has 11 private rooms, including three large rooms and eight small rooms, where quality and privacy are paramount. Each private room has a steady and antique colour palette, with marble, wood finishes and bronze metal. It is also matched with elegant and simple furnishings and embellished with artworks that predominantly feature aviation elements, reflecting the building’s origin as a pilots’ club. Chef Yap Kim Leong is a master of creating delectable fusion cuisine combining the essence of Cantonese cuisine with local food culture. By innovatively using different ingredients and sauces, he shrugs off the conceptual limitations of cuisines, creating a unique taste that is characteristic for Jin Kai Lou.

Frieda Restaurant, a Tribute to the Taste of Europe
A tribute to the brand founder Berthold Kempinski’s daughter, Frieda Kempinski, who inherited her father’s generosity and hospitality, the décor and furniture of the new Frieda restaurant embodies simplicity in a warm atmosphere. Paved with terrazzo and wood-coloured floors, the rattan sofas imbue the space with relaxation and joy. Thanks to Chef Jakob Ehrensberger, Frieda’s menu no longer looks boring, with the same old “Pork Hocks with Sauerkraut”. After his stint at the first Frieda restaurant in China, at Kempinski Hotel Hangzhou, Jakob continues his story with the brand in Nanjing. With his enthusiasm for cuisine and authentic German culinary skills, he shuffles around the ingredients expertly and comes up with innovative and delicious dishes such as “Potato Dumplings” and “Chili & Ginger Eggplant with Sesame”, which are guaranteed to deliver an exemplary gourmet experience. In addition to authentic German dishes and the all-day menu, Frieda also has a day bar where guests can linger and enjoy unique beverages around the clock. The wide range of cocktails based on more than a dozen gins give a new meaning to the expression “spirits come in various styles”.

Legendary Wangzilou, a Timeless Icon Returns to Nanjing
Located in Qinhuai District of Nanjing City and adjacent to the main hotel building, Wangzilou, also known as Building No. 24, is one of the several auxiliary buildings of the Ming Palace. It was originally the pilots’ club of the Ming Palace Airport. From an aerial view, the roof structure of the building resembles the Chinese character “王” (“Wang” in Chinese pinyin, meaning “king”), which gives it the name Wangzilou (Wang Character Building).

About Kempinski Hotel Nanjing: Conveniently located in the heart of the ancient Chinese capital, Kempinski Hotel Nanjing represents the glamour of the metropolitan lifestyle combined with timeless European flair. Standing in between well-known cultural heritages and the bustling commercial centre, the hotel offers suitable accommodation for culture explorers and business travellers alike. The hotel features 336 tastefully decorated rooms, lavish in style and providing the highest level of comfort. A bespoke dining experience is created and arranged for real gourmets via a wide selection of western and local cuisines, available in three beautifully appointed venues. A total of approximately 2,000m2 of meeting and banquet space, including a secluded outdoor terrace, will guarantee guests and customers a memorable high-end event experience. And for those who just want to relax, the well-equipped Health Club and Spa provides a calm environment and a range of treatments for a day of soothing of body and soul.