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SPOTLIGHT ON Anna Domingo, Founder, PADZZLE

By Sharon Hirschowitz, Global Head of Media & Communications for The International Luxury Hotel Association
19 July 2020
3 min read
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Brands need to stay connected to their community by building trust and engaging with their guests each step of the journey. Safety is key and investment in technology is essential as contactless solutions, AI and loyalty based programs determine success.

How important do you think brand messaging is right now?
Brand messaging is and will remain critical towards winning marketing activities.

In the present world, customers are clearly making choices based on brand honesty and trust. Brands must focus the messaging on safety first and consistent protocols on best practices. Secondary messages should follow more traditional content.

Brands should resist practices that don’t bring value or revenue. The pandemic shifted the control on messaging from external influencers to the brand itself. I am happy with this outcome, it is more honest and valuable.

How can hotels and restaurants stay connected with their guests?
The way to feel connected is by building trust with your community. Let your brand (hotel or restaurant) secure safety guides.

Engage in each step of the journey, I would expect some sort of personal assistant to our guests or guided journey for the new protocols and potential concerns from guests.

Today more than ever, we have plenty of questions when booking, planning and staying anywhere. Brands with good AI and loyalty based programs will succeed vs the ones that lack good technology or databases. The pandemic is a good time to review all CRM systems and update more than ever technology and contactless solutions.

Secondly, content with safety first and then content that brings emotions and value. There are so many opportunities today. I would ask for guidance to experts with cycle tested value. Experience is a degree that will help many brands.

Can you tell us about your company PADZZLE? Are there any exciting projects you are working on?
PADZZLE provides strategies to destinations and venues. We specialize in iconic large-scale projects, turnarounds, repositioning, and financially challenged projects.

We work in two lines:

New developments and destinations: brand creation and all marketing and communication strategy necessary to place it on the map.
Repositioning established destinations that require a new angle to attract new audiences and higher revenue for their stakeholders.

Most of my work is confidential and can’t be disclosed. Currently, there are projects in Europe and the USA.

What message do you think businesses will take from the pandemic long term?
It is difficult to say. Overall, nobody in the world was ready for this sort of crisis. I think it will be more an internal evaluation of how we react to the crisis.

Subsequently, I can see an increased investment in technology which was quite necessary in some companies. Overall, we have the opportunity to clean and purge bad practices and reposition destinations and properties.