SPOTLIGHT ON Jacqueline Long, President, Evins Communications

Pic: Halekulani Hotel

Evins Communications recently announced that Jacqueline Long has been appointed president. Bringing considerable experience, talent and creativity to the position, Jacqueline will lead a bold new vision for the agency’s future.

Evins Dispatch spoke with her about what she loves about Evins, her thoughts on the future, and why loving the industries that you work in is an absolute must.

For the official announcement on Jacqueline’s promotion, click here.

What do you love about Evins Communications?

The people. Each day I get to develop impactful campaigns with an excellent team of creative, strategic and inspiring individuals who are culturally thirsty. They are always out there exploring and experiencing—they teach me something new every day!

What is the biggest opportunity for the agency? For the industry?

A people-first culture based on trust, inclusivity and transparency is a continuing priority, as is the focus on incorporating advancing technologies into our diversified service offerings.

When it comes to innovation, organizations must separate real advances like digital IDs, AI and decentralized innovation from those technologies that have already fallen by the wayside as well as consider how all these innovations fit to create new possibilities when layered and used together.

Jacqueline Long, President, Evins Communications

Ultimately, community will remain king and even as technology continues to streamline the world, the need for human connection will continue to climb, reminding us of what’s really important both personally and in business.

What career experiences have best prepared you to take on the role of President?

I have been fortunate to work with incredibly talented individuals who have taught me so much. My agency background is with both large organizations and small firms – we built one from the ground up which quickly taught me decision making and proactive adaptability – as well as client-side experience.

Prior to rejoining Evins, I served as Vice President, Consumer Engagement at Moët Hennessy / LVMH developing campaigns that celebrated community and profitably grew brands. While in the role, I helped fulfill my ambition to support the greater good by implementing the first company-wide mentorship program, as well as orchestrating Unfinished Business, a nationwide program that provides millions of dollars and long-term support to Black, Asian and Latinx-owned small businesses.

What do you do to unwind in your personal time?

I am a foodie and travel as often as I can, and at Evins we say that if you do not like to eat, drink or travel, this is not the place for you! I enjoy reading, serving as a mentor and more recently have been expanding my cooking repertoire. That being said, I am currently learning (unsuccessfully) how to house train a puppy, so those culinary pursuits are on the back burner, so to speak…