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SPOTLIGHT ON Jean Louis Magron, General Manager, Vista Encantada Spa Resort & Residences

10 February 2021
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Jean Louis talks about the impact of the pandemic on the luxury hotel space and their property, as well as initiatives taken to ensure guest safety and satisfaction.

How do you believe the pandemic will change the luxury hotel space in the long term?
This pandemic has shown us all to take the utmost precautions, like washing our hands frequently, wearing face protection at all times, sanitizing literally everything we touch, including office spaces and at home.
Once the pandemic is over, I strongly believe that we will still cherish open spaces rather than ballrooms and other installations. In case a ballroom is needed for a specific function, again we will set up chairs and tables with sufficient space in between tables, but event set-ups will be re-engineered with open-air coffee breaks and more.

What changes have you made to your programming? How are you setting yourselves apart in a competitive industry?
We have strengthened our personalized services so that our guests continue to enjoy their stay with us while avoiding crowds, and encourage them to savor a delicious private dinner in the comfort of their villa with our onsite Chefs and sommeliers. Private transportation has increased in demand, even during a guest’s stay, so we can drive them to anywhere in the destination, including the airport.

How are you implementing lessons learned earlier in the year as we head into the winter months?
We’ve raised the bar in highlighting our healthier dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients such as farm-to-table fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, catch of the day, and lean meat cuts. Even at our Milagro Spa, guests who book a massage receive a vitamin and mineral veggie drink to recover lost vitamins. Basically, we are focused on providing healthier service options for our guests by helping them to build up their immune system with healthy food and beverages including wines, cocktails, massages and sunshine.

What initiatives have you put in place to make guests and staff feel safe?
MGH has implemented a safety program called CASALIMPIA. We are taking this very seriously and encourage everyone to protect themselves and to follow all safety instructions.